Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-06-01 23:14:00 (UTC)

why da fuck do i need a title?

umm da last couple of dayz i'z just been chillin'. i hung
out at steph'z pool on wednesday and thursday. we met sum
guyz. jay likez jenn. jonnie said he liked me for awhile
but den he realized he likez steph more. itz aiiight. i'm
not gonna make a big deal cuz i kinda took andrew fro her a
couple weekz ago. anywayz last ntie whuz friday. i went to
worldz of fun wit josh. which completely pissed erin off.
she sayz she just wanted to go, but we asked her if she
could go and she said no. so i dunno why she feelz left
out. i kno she knew him first and all, but damn she has
jeremy. and he likez me. i dunno itz kinda fucked. i thinkz she likez
him more dan she'll admit. but u kno "fuck it." anywayz friday nite
when i got back form worldz of fun i went over to jennz. it whuz
like 10 when i got der. haha oh well. we just chilled and
watched sum moviez. den i left at like 12 da next day and
went to dis pool in olathe and met sum of my friendz. it
whuz kool. der were 2 lil kidz dat liked me and kept
followin' me around i'm like GO AWAY. god dey were
annoyin'. den dis one 15 yr old mexican whuz hittin' on me
and stuff. but i whuz like i'm gonna go tan now. cuz i mean
he had a nice body and shit. nice abz. and his face whuz
aiiight, but damn his hair whuz like to his earz mayb a
lil' longa. so i whuz like...yea u kno. anywayz i whuz gonna go to da
moviez tonite wit jenn her guy and steph and her guy and mayb andrew.
but andrew would ratha play b ball. so u kno. i dont think i wanna
go. i'd feel like a 5th wheel since i da only one witout a guy. but
i aint ashamed or nuttin' cuz i mean it aint like i cant
get a guy. itz just i like bein' single. i would just be a
lil' bored. so i dunno whuz goin' on 2nite..we'll see! i've been
thinkin' a lot 'bout josh and shit and i realize dat i dont really
have feelingz for him. bcuz we wouldn't really get a long. i mean i'm
hyper and he'z really down 2 earth. but da thing dat bothaz me da
most 'bout him is how experienced he is. itz kinda scary. i mean he'z
into all dat shit. and doin' all dat. and i aint ready for dat. i
told him pretty much everythin' i just wrote and he'z like i'll
change for you. i whuz like no dont cuz it wont help. i mean he'z
been likeinto all dis since he whuz like 10 yrz old. if he told me he
trulty whuz changed and i believed him. and we got togetha. der would
alwayz been dis thought in da back of my head dat he would be wit
anotha gurl odin' all da shit wit her dat i wouldn't do wit him...ya
kno wut i mean. anywayz datz dat!