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2002-06-01 23:10:50 (UTC)


I feel in the past few days something evil has taken me
over. I think it really just set in that no matter what
anyone says... i can't be sure if they really mean it, or
if they are just saying it to make me feel better.. or just
to take the guilt off their shoulders.

With every moment progressing.. i begin to hate my sister
more and more. She finds a way to turn everyone against me.
You'd think that some of that petty old fighting crap would
stop once you're sibling is basically an adult... but no.
It is like you getting into a fight with your friend.. then
she goes and turns everyone else against you. That's
exactly what my sister is doing.

There is nothing i can do anymore... my job now is to just
to try and take care of myself... i don't need anyone
else... b/c i can't trust anyone.

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