2002-06-01 22:40:19 (UTC)

Yard Work and More!

After my walk and breakfast I went grocery shopping in
Junction City. I finished up some housework and then went
to work outside. I planted several pots with flowers,
including a hanging pot, watered the lilacs, checked on all
the plants in the greenhouse, and then started working on
the front yard. The rhododendrons have all been dead-headed
and trimmed back and the roses pruned and weeded. I still
need to add mulch around the roses and other bushes and get
rid of a few blackberry vines but it's pretty much done.
Gavin mowed front and back and Hugh helped me weed. Tomorrow
I start on the back yard.

I did a lot of miscellaneous little tasks the rest of the
afternoon--got a graduation card ready to mail to Erik, my
friend Lucille's son who has just graduated cum laude from
Oregon State University --go Erik!--, fed the dog and made
certain he had some cool water to drink, swept the kitchen,
made the bed, put the bread we bought yesterday in the
freezer, put the napkins John had brought from the country
house away, emptied the dishwasher and made the potato salad
and blueberry cobbler. In between some of these I quilted a