Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-14 11:07:09 (UTC)

Ok so heres somthing thats..

Ok so heres somthing thats fucked up!
You know you cant really own their hearts if yours isnt
into it. You know I want to love them but just cant seem to
focus or somthing or mabe it just lies somwhere else
with soomeone else who really knows I used to be able to
play but its really not the same. Im listening
to "lonleyness of the long distance runner which if you
know the tune isnt really helping.

God dam my life is so sweet no lie its just a joke to me
and everyones problems are easely solved mine I really dont
have any its a joke. Well except I want more I know that
more chalenges more step up to the plate adventures and so
on. School being out sucks. People are childs play
puppets on strings to amuse me. Or to make that breif stand
its really rather cute one last Im a man this is where I
draw the line type deal,then I just smash them.
shall I find some one to check mate me then Ill have a
worthy friend and confidant. Till then its really all just
my game to do as I please. Shure theres things in my way
people who have the power HA a momentary set back cause
as time changes so does the welth and power.
Ive been making so many things happen as of late
and you know "Im just sick enough to be totally confident"
Making so many little things happen to make my value above
that of everyone else around me and soon when they look
around theyll know as always Im the one theyll miss the
most. Theres just to many opertunitys everone else seems to
miss left wide open to me. Im about to run out though this
I know and then the worst part comes waiting. Youll come to
find pactinces isnt a viture I know well or consider a
friend. but at that point Ill just direct my actions toward
another momentary goal.
Yes I know Im becoming a shark again or at least it seems
that way but hey you all arnt gonna look out after me this
I know and I got some people I gotta look out for, one
thing I hold true to is family and true friends. And if
your on that list of any time any where thats what youll
get at all cost to me Ill be there for you.Out here though
things have become so simple cuase these people dont
respect themselfs or there friends and goddam their weak.
Somtimes I find my self lost in an opertunistics veiw "a
world of opertunity surounded by people with dragging
feet"and it just kills me but not today only when the
waiting comes.As for now though
minor obsitcals and to be disposed of as soon as the powers
Anyways I know I probly sound like a bad person but you
know bizness is about the bottom line and nothing else.
please refrain for sending me some lame as feed back
about some goddam cherity type shit cause if your on the
team the team that makes things happen and makes the
dollars flow then your a valuable asset and will be taken
care of with out question. Any other BS and fuck you.
Oh youve got a family well you should have been a man and
stepped up to the plate dont bring me that shit on the way
out the door cause I dont give a fuck.
Theres this dude where I work and him and this piasa
got hired almost at the same time this dude talks all this
shit about mexicans invading the american work force and
this and that.Stupid mother fucker this dude. My boy carlos
handles bizness no joke I love this dude. he just gets
everything done and then next thing you know hes right
there handing me the wrench I need or sees me moving some
shit and hes there right beside me grabbing boxes or what
ever. And this dude I was specking about I gotta hound this
bitch to get him to do anything. And so hence save all the
drama if your all that and put your muscle where your mouth
is.Anyways I got the green light to fire this dude and as
soon as he gets this scrub ass work no one else wants to do
done Oh fuck hes outta there and Ill make shure my boy
waves to him on the way out.
With love and respect