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2002-06-01 20:21:48 (UTC)

on task...

Well... i didnt open my biology homework yet since earlier
this morning... i think i will save that for later. Though,
i did get my room cleaned up... and it only took like 4
hours. I think i am going to turn my garage into my own
little party place where i can hang out with friends. The
baby cried once all afternoon... and i just duct taped the
key in it.. so it wasnt that bad. I had the house to myself
today. But then my sister came home, followed by my mom.

My family is really annoying me lately. I've been giving
them a lot of attitude lately. For some reason i am highly
annoyed even when they just simply talk to me.. i just wish
they would leave me alone. My sister is such a fucking
whore. She shoved me into the wall.. so i go and fuckin
shove her ass back.. and guess who acts like a big fuckin
baby and tells mom (my sister). My sister is like the
perfect daughter.. she is beautiful, they say she is smart
(she is dumber than me and she has no common sense), she
has a boyfriend that she is going to marry, she is the
oldest grandchild, everyone just loves amanda. They're
probably gonna go out to dinner tonight... screw them.. i
am embarrassed to be seen with them (i.e... i wouldnt go
out with them for a million dollars).

I'll update later tonight.. so check back.
until then, peace

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