Broken Dreams
2002-06-01 19:04:07 (UTC)

Who is the Father?

Dear Diary,

I am so glad that it's summer. I'm going to miss my friends
and everything, but I won't ever miss Mr. Farell. I've
actually gotten to do a lot with my friends this week. I am
so sick of being at my Mom's house. All she does is tell me
how horrible my father is, and that I shouldn't spend so
smuch time with him. I think that's crap. My Dad is the
most wonderful person I have ever met, and my Mom is just
so positive that I love him more that I love her. That may
be the case at this point. But when I'm with my Dad, he
treats me like I'm still his baby. Hey, he even calls
me "Baby", which I don't mind that much, but I do when my
friends are around. He also warns me how bad boys are. My
little sister broke her arm, and she is obviously having a
hard time with it. My big brother is abusive in just about
everyway. He has ruined his life. He used to be so nice
though. He's a pretty fun guy, until the drugs ware off,
you know what I mean? My big sister hates me so much. She
says I'm a slut because I go to the movies, talk on the
phone, and basically have friends that are boys. You could
say that I was on a mission to find out who my little
brother's father is. My Mom and Dad have not told me that
my dad isn't his dad, but it's so obvious. My dad always
told me that he divorced my mother because "things happened
that couldn't be fixed", and Isaac (my brother) looks
totally different from every family member we have. he
almost looks hispanic, he has dark, dark skin year-round,
brown eyes (nobody else has) and different facial features
that all of us. My mom refuses to show me his birth
certificate, and hides it somewhere I will never find it,
away from all of our certificates. He is so beautiful
though. he has Mom's nose, and I remeber when she had him,
so she is the mother. the only question is, who is the
father? See you later. Bye!

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