Phil's Nonsense
2001-06-14 09:38:01 (UTC)

Growing old

Today I got up and got out of bed, at least I tried. While
standing up my left knee gave out on me. I ended back up
in bed. My body just doesn't work like it used to. Boy I
sound old.

I realized today that current high school freshmen don't
know a world without the Simpsons. The Simpsons have been
around as long as they have. I find that scary, really
really scary.

I also find scary what these kids know. I could go to a
fourth grader and he would know at least the basic parts of
female anatomy. A seventh grader could probably teach mean
things about sex. This is where society is going to. Even
now, in places like Cuba, they are putting 12-14 year olds
in camps and basically closing the doors while naked males
and females do what they want. It's a way for those
countries to disassociate kids with their parents. What
better way that giving them a sin-rich environment? I
mean, sex is probably that last big barrier between being
your mother's little boy and just a boy (the difference
between boy and man is not determined this way).

The good news is I'm not balding yet.

The workers at my old job are not happy. They cut their
hours again, and are making one person do the work of two
on a constant basis, and didn't give any type of pay
increase. Actually, they did kinda worse since they are
pushing the guys to do stuff that isn't in their job

I found out why an old friend left me. He said I stayed in
the house to much and didn't do anything. I find that
ironic since I would call him and he would respond he isn't
doing anything. He was a good friend. A lot like me, and
me like him. I think that's why I miss him so much. He
was like my little brother. I've tried to get him to do
stuff. Maybe one days he'll see about being friends
again. But now that I know why, I'll leave that up to
him. I've tried.