ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-06-01 17:17:20 (UTC)

I got called into work on my weekend off

well its been a hectik friday night and now todays saturday
and its gonna be just as bad if not worse.
well friday in skool i walk into art and were supposed to
have our final so mrs holler goes into the back and comes
out with this huge cake that says "to the best students at
Allegany" so she threw us a party and she said she didnt
feel the need to give us a final so we all got A's.then she
said this was her way of saying goodbye becuz it was her
last day.she decided not to tell us untill last minute
becuz it was a last minute decision.shes been gettin sick
lately and shes taking medical leave prolly for good.i
cried.i hugged her bye..i was ready to grab her legs so she
wouldnt leave.shes been a great teacher.so my and sarah
talked to mrs schade and we decided monday wed send flowers.
well at lunch i got a note from the office to call my
mom.turns out they fired justin at work and i had to go in
to work 4-close.so im a nervous wreck becuz im not runnin
cashier im doin sumthin completely different.so i get home
and jons there and he talks me into gettin high before
work.so i have no time to get ready and i get there and i
have to do icecream and bakery.so i stood around alot and
ran back and forth into the kitchen untill a bus full of
elemnetary kids showed up.then i got a break and filled out
sum papers for Jeff.i talked to Nat and Carey alot.there
really kewl.Nat wants me to do buffet with her so we can
hang out more and she wants me to come party with her one
night.but she hangs with steve and them and i dunno if i
want back into that crowd.and carey said hes gonna corrupt
me asap.welli gotta work tonight 4-close again! that means
i have to clean and shut down everything.ugh.and sunday i
work 11-4.so i dont get to do anything
i was supposed to go to Mama Kin's last night at 10 to see
Beth's bf's band play but i didnt get home till 1130.then
today i wanted to go to the road rally classic car show but
i didnt have time.and i cant go out tonight after work cuz
i have to be in at work by 11.
I hate work.