through the looking glass
2002-06-01 16:59:34 (UTC)

WORK!!!!!!!!!! SUNBURN!!!!!!!!!!!! KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love the lifeguard life we are sooo needed :) and its
an awsome job realy I wouldnt trade it for any service job
unless it somehow involved Using CPR first aid and stuff
like that on a daily basis I love this job its fun You work
with kids all day you get a tan (or in my case right now a
nasty sunburn) YOu get to see kids grow up if your lucky
enough to be at the same pool for more than a year... ITS A
BLAST!!!! Except when your yelling at every little brat
that comes by and you are in pain because you have been
workin for the last 4 days straight and you realy dont
wanna be anywhere near any of them for even a nother second
well that just part of the Job every job has its down sides
this one just happens to have way more pluses than it ever
had minuses And I must love it Ive been one for 6 years now
Man I feel old the mean age of the lifeguards here is 17
but hey thats cool most of them ROCK and are realy fun
Maybe if I get this apartment cleaned after alexis leaves I
mean like spotless I can move Duff and lex in and we can
Have a party at the end of the summer for them Ill get them
started then move to Chicago with Lexi my sister forever Or
untill I get accepted to the AmeriCORPS NCCS For a year :)
Yes I still want to save the world Im me like that :):)
well thats it for now MUST put SOMETHING ON SUNBURN IT
HURTS BESIDES I have to be at work in about an hour 6 hour
shift today one less hour of hell sunlight and at least it
will be a good tan by next week Im gonna be dark wohoo
smiles lots I just gotta Remeber SUNSCREEN IN MASS QUANITYS
minimal contact with the water thats the way to go ok well
thats it for now later! oh YEA and thanks to Eric who
helped me for once by using his aloe after shave to cool my
back a little before I went to game which was fun GOTTA
rember to STOP KILLING CHARACTERS OFF oh well this ones
still alive they saved her woohoo Guess I have to Go Im in
PAIN Lots of it Growns Oh well sigh part of the job I guess
I just hope it turns into a tan soon before Get sick