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2002-06-01 16:21:06 (UTC)

I thought Saturday's were supposed to be relaxing... (6-1-02)

Welcome... this is my first entry. My name is Nicki, i am
16, and i live in a boring place just east of pittsburgh
Pennsylvania. Drop me a line sometime:
[email protected] . Aren't Saturday's supposed to be a
day to kick back and enjoy? It sure doesn't seem like that
today. I have so many things that i want to get done today,
but i just can't get off my ass. I had planned to atleast
get most of my honors biology review packet done so i won't
have to procrastinate until Monday night. Then, my room is
very dirty.. clothes everywhere... broken glass (don't
ask)... posters falling off the wall. I was also going to
rearrange my room.. you know.. move some furniture around.
It would also probably be beneficial if i were to practice
parallel parking some more today for Tuesday. I was gonna
try to go to community day later as well... but i dunno if
that is going to happen. I believe some friends are going
cosmic bowling tonight... i wouldn't mind going but.. i
need to get a good night sleep for soccer tomorrow, and it
is going to be hard enough with my stupid baby think it
over doll crying every 2 hours. This is turning out to be a
stressful weekend: my 3 hardest finals are on monday and
tuesday, i need to perfect parallel parking so that i pass,
and i have to take care of that stupid baby for child
development class. Right now, the last thing i should do is
procrastinate. I need to get in gear so that i can get
stuff done today. I'll let you know later how the day goes.