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2001-06-14 07:40:04 (UTC)

more than that~

hey once again...
some people have made remarks on how stupid it is to keep
diary online coz youre lettin stranger all over the world
into the blue prints of your life.. well, call me crazy..
but i distinctively remember this quote by Isobel Colegate,
(no link to the toothpaste brand though!) well she said,

"It is not a bad idea to get in the habit of writing down
one's thoughts. It saves one from having to bother anyone
else with them..."

yep.. so im trying to do that. not botherin people with the
millions of thought goin in and out of my mind... i used to
have dis thin called de "i dun want to be selfish".. u
would associate selfish with thingslike not sharing.. but
in my case, sharing is selfish. keepin em is wise. im
talking about woes and pain, that is...

i acnt wait to grow up and give my granddaddy a good life..
things are happening at home yet once again.. u noe when
someone takes care of you and all, by right u should repay
their kindness.. as evil as i am, not liking my parents and
all, i still would take care of tehm, well at least their
overall well being and welfare..when i grow up.

i was online yesterday w/ them all.. i was talkin to dy..
and as yucky and sappy as dis would sound, i fell in love
with my darling dy once again... i never felt so strong abt
anything. not even faith.. nothin. but i dont want to get
hurt too y'noe.. love is dis magical thing that promises
forever that comes and go..its completely incomplete..
but i guess im falling even more in love... and im just
bursting! oh shesh! i need to find a hole to hide myself

i crave pizza!!! bubble tea!!! yum! yum!
chicken rice and fried carrot cake!! ive been caged at home
for dis whole week.. and i need to get out!!! and when i
do, i am gonna go eat!!!!!! but in the man time, i shall
continue my quest for stars...

take care now y'all...