a little piece of me
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2002-06-01 15:04:53 (UTC)

very disappointing trip

back from new orleans. the trip really sucked, and i'm
really not happy right now. every place we checked
required that a current job has been held for at least a
year. neither turtle nor i have a job right now. most
places wouldn't allow pets, either. we have to have pets.
i'm not getting rid of mine just for some place to live.
so, the new orleans thing is out for now. i'm so mad at
myself...so, instead, we're going to try to find some place
closer to here, where it's cheaper. that way we can both
work for a while and save up. hopefully i can find some
place near st. louis so that i can do an internship at the
zoo there. if not there, i'll look into indianapolis and
kansas city. i really need a job, and now my granny is
harassing me to get out. she said we're going to have to
start paying rent if we don't get out soon. i understand
that and all, but before she told me i could stay as long
as i needed without paying anything. i don't think she
likes turtle...that's what the problem is. fuck her.

well, i've got lots to do...have to find a place asap.
heather, i'm really sorry about all of this. i will try to
give you a call in the next couple of days. please don't
be mad at me. lyl.