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2002-06-01 14:55:20 (UTC)


It seems like we have been having a hard time connecting
lately. I've tried to call her a few times and was unable
to get through. Oh well I guess, thats the breaks. Its
not like I'm gonna stop trying. Can't hold me down. I'll
keep trying until I'm not wanted. When I know I want
something, then I will go after it and I know I want her.
I had a dream about us kissing. The details are foggy, but
we were making out in the back seat of a moving car. Don't
ask me what that means. I just like that we were kissing.
She has soft lips and they are really inviting. I always
used to get lost in that moment when we were kissing.
There was no other place I wanted to be. She says that we
might meet next week even though hes off the whole time. I
just want to say that I would LOVE to see her, but if the
situation doesn't present itself, then she shouldn't push
it. I don't know, I leave that to her discretion, but I
would still LOVE to see her. It looks to be a beautiful
day around here. I expect to do something, I'm just not
sure what yet. Maybe golf. I haven't been out bike riding
yet this year. One day a little while ago, I felt like
getting on my bike and just start riding and riding and
riding. Thinking about what's going on makes me want to
travel as far as I can go. I might give myself the chance
to do that this weekend. Might depend on if Nick wants to
do anything. We talked last night but nothing really came
out of it. Well I know shes gonna end up going out and
dancing. It seems shes helpless to do anything else when
shes up there. Like a force that draws her and her family
out on the dance floor. I bet I can predict what kind of
night she'll have. They'll get a late start, probably
about 12. When they get there, they'll be dancing and then
one of them will do something like steal a glass of
alcohol. Then, they'll get into some kind of altercation
with one of the patrons. Oh, maybe some words will be
thrown back and forth. They'll leave when the place closes
down. Find their car and decide where they want to eat at
4 in the morning. Finally, they'll decide they're to
incapacitated to drive all the way back so they pull off to
the side of the road and pass out.(hahahaha) Sound pretty
close? Oh well, have fun. Take care, BYE!!!

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