¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-06-01 13:42:59 (UTC)


Ok..Well this is all about last night, I just didnt have
time to write.... Youll understand why in a few.BTW--
Graduation was on the 30th, *I acutally went too*..CONGRATS

Whitney and I went to Summersville to copy a pic of her and
*someone*.. We had a pretty good time.. I ran into Dusty's
*the Richwood ex* brother Lance.. that wasnt kewl.. But
everything else was fun. We came back to Cowen at about 8 I
think, and she dropped me off and I guess she went home..
When I got home Conner and Isabella *the neighbor* were
jumping on my trampoline and they wanted me to jump too.. I
took my stuff inside, came back out and jumped for awhile..
It got hot so I decided to take them out for Icecream.. we
got home from the ice cream place at like 9:00 or so.. Im
not sure, but when we got home EVERYONE was here..Sherri
and Lee *Conner's mom and step dad, who are both alchoics
and abusive*, Davey and Jake Hayhurt *underage*, Rob and
his friend *another underage*, MY MOM AND DAD
*grrrrrrrrrr*, and a couple other people... Well they had a
party or something going on because they were all drunk off
their asses.. Isabella went home and I told Conner to go
inside while I went out back to see what was going on.. As
soon as I stepped back there Sherri and Lee told me to "go
buy some more beer bitch" and everyone laughed *including
my parents*, I got pissed and started to cry *I cry too
much??*, so I turned around to go back inside with Conner
and Jake stopped me and told me that everyone would be
better off and that I should just kill myself.. That idea
started to seem really reasonible at the moment.. but I
couldnt leave Conner there with them and I wanted to talk
to Adam.. so I came inside, got my jacket and was about to
leave.. I dunno where I was gonna go, but I was gonna be
gone. But I told myself to atleast say bye to Adam
first...I put in the new Harry Potter movie in for Conner
and I got online.. Jamea and Casey IMed me and told me that
I just missed Adam.. *MY LUCK SUCKS!* So that didnt make
anything better.. I emailed Adam and told him everything
about last night *it was "tonight" when I wrote it*and
right before I was getting ready to get offline he got on!
YAY!! We talked all about the things going on and different
stuff... then outta nowhere he spilled his guts to me. It
was sooooo sweet! Ive never had anyone say anything like
that to me before, NEVER! Well Im not going into all that
detail, but to shorten it up, we're dating now! Woo Whooo.
I thought it was really weird how I went from wanting to
kill myself, to wanting to be here forever.

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