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2002-06-01 06:25:21 (UTC)

Two roses for Mel - days would not be better

Friday afternoon I gave two champagne roses to Mel. I get it
in street. There was not red roses. I think red rose warm
any heart. Champagne roses may be for friendship.
She said she never won a flower. I told her it was unfair.
Days would not be better. I am with some coriza some kind
of cold flu. And in my country there is not that medicine
for coriza. There was but I guess other industries like
paper and boiled must did not liked it. That medicine heals
in a time and other sequels of cold there was not.
Better days because althought all things I see Mel and talk
to her. Even she shows she is not minding. But she is there
and did not walked away. Because there is many false
friends. All cowards trying to hide themselves in a bright
of some people special.
Carol is well in the beaches.
I will do better even in a Saturday.