DayDream Believer
2002-06-01 08:31:16 (UTC)


Samuel is verry sick now, and Im so scared..
We havent got the time to talk much lately, cause Im
working all the time, but he knows I love him.

S* came home yesterday, or he`s coming home today, Im not
sure. He`s gonna stay here for three months so the chances
that we`re gonna meet is pretty huge. But I dont wanna see
him right now, Im not ready for it.
Cuz if we actually meet we had to deal with the
consequences aftherwards, and Im not ready for that.
We never talk about it but I think he understand, well not
understand aunderstand, but the see`s that its something,
and one day I gonna tell him the truth, maybe this summer.

Cessy is home from her year aboard, its good to have her
home. Kelly is always busy, but we are still good friends.
And soon Mo wil be home from the army and all life`s gonna
be about is where the next party is gonna be and who`s
I meet this new guy, Tommy on the boat.
He was the only one on the whole ship who stayed up til 6pm
with me, everyone else was in bed and the bar was closed,
but we had our fun.
I like beeing with him cause he`s not like the other boys I
know, he`s a bit shy.
But I nerver want him for my boyfriend or anything!
We never talk about it by the way, abou who we`re in love
with. But we talk about everything else, and I love it
bacause he teach me a lot about the formula1 , so I have
some knowledge when I discuss it with S*

Take care!