A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-06-14 05:53:30 (UTC)

today some begining to some end, guess its sleep

After grueling attempts to decipher fiction from reality
its time to go sleep and you get to lay there and think
about all the shit you did on that day, wondering what
tomorrow holds, propelling images and pictures in you ever
so vast concept on life. I don't know its just a guess, an
epiphany, o crap I don't know im not an expert on life. I
just want to see an exceptional answer to all the means, I
wish the same for everyone, the hope for a better tomorrow
even if your all ready there. Maybe life's little questions
are found in our self and not some self help group or a
psychiatrist, either way it sill seems when people
determine their own life they seem to do just fine, that is
if you got moral senesce, if your a damn moron you get what
you deserve

I had to let a friend go from my life today cause he fell
in to the "im a fuckin dumbass" category. I just got fed up
with his lying and his habitual stupidity, im not
bullshitting you the guy is insane, example one night after
a long drive he obviously didn't remember i need to get in
the car and close the door, he proceeds to leave, im
hanging outside the truck. at the same time cars are
stopping cause he's also pulling out towards oncoming
I holler (not going to say his name on here) "Mr. self
pity, im not in the damn car", this time cars start honking
and peeps are pissed. Mr. self pity is completely sober,
you don't want to see him on drugs... (cringes) this guy is
evil you can ask my close friend, I'll call her crazybean
you can ask her the hell we endured, he was a roommate of
ours and a terror to us all, i just wish he would
understand that he dose wrong (moral seance) he could be a
great guy, its so sad...

i get to party this weekend so it will be fun fun fun, but
im facing jail for my own stupidity so i can only drink,
its time to be responsible, so its a good thing. iv partied
till the sun turned blue and did things that would make Tim
Leary shiver so its only fair to my body that i quit doing
these things and start focusing on a career
or im gonna pay some fat guy to throw shit at random people