more human than human
2002-06-01 05:36:09 (UTC)

All you did (and didn't) want to know....

[Start time] 11:29
[1] First Name: Fiona
[2] Middle Name: Lianne
[3] Last Name: Farrell
[4] Nick Name[s]: Acid, Phi, Ph1, Kitten, and bitch...the
list goes on
[5] Gender: Female
[6] Age: 16
[7] Birthday: October 24, 1985
[8] Height: 5'1"
[9] Weight: guess
[10] Hair Color: depends when you ask
[11] Eye Color: Green
[12] Caucasian, African American, Hispanic...What:
[13] Glasses: yes
[14] Contacts: I wish
[15] Braces: No
[16] Hair Short Or Long: shoulder length
[17] U Were Born Where: High Level
[18] U Now Live: Edmonton, Alberta [
19] Astrology Sign: Scorpio
[20] Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
[21] Nationality: Canadian
[22] Bad Habits: Nail biting
[23] Piercing: My cartilage of right ear
[24] If Yes Where & How Many:.... already said
[25] Tattoos: working on it
[26] If Yes How Many & Where, If No Want Any: Strawberry
on right hip is the only CERTAIN one
[27] Mothers Name: Wendy
[28] Fathers Name: Patrick
[29] Brothers Name[s]: Josh, Conor, Stephen, Ron, and David
[30] Sisters Name[s]: Kristen, Alannah, and Kristy
[31] Favorite Aunt: Liz
[32] Favorite Uncle: Hugh or Jimmy
[33] Favorite Grandparent: Popo or Betty
[34] Worst Relative: too many...
[35] Best Relative: Probably Tracey
[36] Best Family Memory: most things involving josh late
at night...midnight mcd's run, ice cream at -40C at 1:00
am on x-mas.... card games....
[37] Do U Get Along With Your Parents: HA! You’re funny. I
get along with their wallets, and respect them as ppl.
That’s as close as it gets.
[38] Do Your Parents Understand You: They pretend
[39] Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: MAYBE
Trace. Or Leah
[.Pets.] [40] Do You Have Any Pets: no, but my cat does.
[41] Name[s]: Eclipse and Knox
[42] Type Of Animal[s]: Cats
[43] If You Don’t Have A Pet Do You Want One...
[44] Have You Ever Had Any Other Pets Then Mentioned Up
Above: A hamster named Waddles
[.School.] [45] Are You Still In School: Yes
[46] Did You Drop Out: No
[47] Current/Supposive Grade: 11
[48] Favorite Grade: None
[49] Worst Grade: Everyone
[50] Favorite Teacher: Mr. Geldart
[51] Worst Teacher: Mrs. Starr.... she gave me
nightmares...and beat children.... my mommy got her fired
[52] Favorite Subject: Lunch
[53] Worst Subject: Social or Math
[54] Do/Did U Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: Depends
[55] School Sports: Dance
[56] School Activities: Dance
[57] Popular Or What: I guess...
[58] Favorite Dance: *lol* horizontal tango?
[59] Favorite Memory: too many...possibly that weekend in
Jasper.... damn dish soap
[60] Worst Memory: Again, too many, probably receiving an
email informing me that my father was moving out
[61] Worst Dance: Line.
[62] Most Humiliating Moment: too many
[63] Number: 3 7 or 9
[64] Brand: Night Shade
[65] Shoes: Same
[66] Saying: Too many...."No thanks, maybe some other day,
fuck you very much" Ani D. "My thighs have been involved
in many accidents, now I can't get insured, and I don't
need to be lured by you." ~Ani
[67] TV Show: I don't have time for TV
[68] Sport: Dance or Diving
[69] Vegetable: Corn or Potatoes
[70] Fruit: Strawberries
[71] Movie: The Crow
[72] Magazine: Maxim
[73] Actor: Brandon Lee
[74] Actress: too many
[75] Candy: Starburst, Skittles, or anything chocolate
[76] Gum: Dentyne Ice Cinnamint
[77] Scent: The rain
[78] Candy Bar: Godiva Milk Chocolate
[79] Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Peanut butter or Brownie
Fudge Royal…or Gold Medal Ribbon
[80] Color: Black, deep blood red, or midnight blue/purple
[81] Season: Late Spring…. just wish I could get more
time off
[82] Holiday: Hallowe’en…. we should get it off
[83] Band: U2, Tea Party, NIN…. depends on mood
[84] Singer: Ani Difranco
[85] Group: didn’t you already ask this?
[86] Type Of Music: Alternative
[87] Fast Song: Out of Habit by Ani
[88] Slow Song: Both Hands…. or One
[89] Thing In Your Room: Either my roses or the poster
from “Leaps and Bounds”
[90] Place To Be: Depends on my mood and the time of
day…. probably dancing in the pouring rain with friends.
[91] Radio Station: Like I ever have time to listen…. but
probably the bear
[92] TV Channel: Again…. like I have time. I prefer movies
[93] Junk Food: Too many choices
[94] Overall Food: Blue Rare steak…
[95] Store: Sanctuary or Hot Topic…. if only pretty things
didn’t cost so much
[96] Shoe Brand: meh…never really cared
[97] Fast Food Place: DQ or Mcd’s
[98] Restaurant: The old spaghetti factory…mmmm, bread
[99] Shape: never really thought about it
[100] Time Of Day: The night, especially in TN cuz it
stays really warm
[101] Country: Canada
[102] Province: BC
[103] Boys Name: Dameon or Kayne…. or Conor
[104] Girls Name: Lillith, Jezabelle or Sariah.
[105] Mall: Kingsway
[106] Video Game: DIE AND GO TO HELL!!!
[107] Shampoo: For effect on hair, Neutrogena, otherwise,
whatever works
[108] Board Game: Prostitute Monopoly…. man that night was
[109] Computer Game: AGAIN, DIE AND GO TO HELL
[110] Car: 69 Silver Corvette Stingray Convertibles. Or a
BMW bike…. a Harley wouldn’t be too bad either….
[111] Music Video: again, no time, but most likely One or
Even Better Than The Real Thing, both by U2
[112] Swear Word: Stop fucking swearing and shit, it’s
against my goddamn religion
[113] Word: Funereal…especially as said in Man’s opening
[114] Month: depends on the year
[115] Cartoon: Beetlejuice
[116] Song Of All Time: “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” sticks
out at the moment…. I miss you, Robbie
[117] Scary Movie: Dolls…. thankyou, Mandy, for that
amusing interlude. But seriously, probably the Exorcist.
[118] Team: Canada’s Olympic Diving Team
[119] Possession: I own nothing but myself. But as what
other’s state I own, probably the accessory for my head
that I’m in the process of buying
[.What’s The First Thing That Comes 2 Mind When You
[120] Eminem: Mandy
[121] Dog: Tag
[122] Hot: Naked
[123] Britney Spears: Hardcore…. lol
[124] Nsync: have you HEARD the punk version of “Bye bye
bye”? It rocks!
[125] Real World: can fuck a pole
[126] Orange: screwdriver
[127] Choice: none
[128] Fuck: buddy
[129] Bisexual: *cough* I SWEAR I’M STRAIGHT
[130] Black: velvet
[131] ICQ: mom
[132] Insane Clown Posse: Little Jimmy Jimmy? (swallow)
got ‘em
[133] Linkin Park: Jessica
[134] Jack: hammer
[135] Rainbow: Leprechaun
[136] Cherry: Sundae
[137] Cucumber: 101 ways cucumbers are better than men
[138] Shark: bite
[139] Lifehouse: music
[140] Bat: man
[141] Leather: corset
[142] Whip: *grin*
[143] America: deserved it
[144] Water: relax
[145] Volcano: toasty warm
[.This Or That.]:
[146] Rock or rap: Rock
[147] Pop or rap: depends on the artists in question
[148] Rap or r&b: again, artists
[149] Rock or metal: Either
[150] Rock or pop: rock
[151] Linkin park or limp bizkit: tough call
[152] Tool or korn: Korn
[153] Selena or Jennifer Lopez: Who’s Selena…. wait, whom
am I kidding? ANYTHING is probably better than ass-girl
[154] Hot or cold: depends, why am I hot, and would
someone be there to warm me up?
[155] Winter or summer: Summer [156] spring or fall:
[157] Shakira or britney: Shakira…pretty…
[158] ICP or Eminem: ICP
[159] Marilyn Manson Or Rob Zombie: Manson
[160] Kittie or Garbage: Garbage
[161] Mtv or vh1: MTV
[162] Buffy or Angel: Neither
[163] Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girls
[164] Football or Basketball: Eccch
[165] Summer Olympics or winter Olympics: who cares?
[166] Skiing or snowboarding: Skiing
[167] Rollerblading or skateboarding: Blades
[168] Black or white: Black
[169] Orange or red: Red
[170] Yellow or green: Green
[171] Purple or pink: Purple
[172] Slipknot or mundayne: neither
[173] Hot topic or Pac sun: Hot Topic all the way…. love
the corsets….
[174] Inside or outside: depends on weather
[175] Weed or alcohol: Absinthe
[176] Cell phone or pager: Cell phone with call ID
[177] Pen or pencil: Fountain pen
[178] Power puff girls or Charlie’s angels: Power puff….
go ahead and laugh
[179] Scooby doo or dino: Scooby doo
[180] Dragon ball Z or pokemon: pokemon…. with good
reason. Ask if you REALLY want to know.
[181] Star wars or star trek: toss up
[182] Tattoo or piercing: toss up
[183] Prep or punk: punk
[184] Slut or whore: to get paid, or to NOT get paid….
[.Private Life I.E Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll...]
[185] Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: Me and what time?
[186] Crush: no thanks; I’m trying to quit
[187] Do You Love Anyone Right Now: yep. And it hurts
[188] Have You Ever Been In Love: yes
[189] How Many People Have You Kissed: blush 15-ish
[190] Who Was Your First Kiss: Jerry
[191] Ever Have Oral Sex: ……
[192] Still A Virgin: nope
[193] If Not How Many: 3 or 4, depending on whom you count
[194] How Many Hearts Have You Broken: None I hope, but I
think that may be wishful thinking
[195] How Many People Broke Your Heart: one
[196] Best Quote To Sum Up Love: “Love knows no gender.”
Or “Love is blind.”
[197] So What’s Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Crush Like:
she’s adorable with a great sense of humour…unfortunately
she broke her back in a car accident, but her spinal cord
wasn’t severed, so she can still walk…yay!
[198] What’s Your Dream Guy/Girl Like: Can sing, write,
dance, has artistic talent, not controlling, good at
backrubs, knows at least kind of what they want to do with
their life, and likes doing those little things in a
[199] Do U Go More By Looks Or Personality: Personality is
a must, but looks are nice too….
[200] Have You Ever Cheated On Someone: Not that I’m proud
[201] Ever Kiss A Friend: yes, a few of them
[202] Are You Still Friends: yep…. does that mean I’m a
good kisser?
[203] So Moving Along... You Smoke: not often
[204] How About Some Weed... You Smoke Weed: occasionally
[205] Ever Trip On Acid: not yet
[206] How About A Little xTc: No
[207] Crack, Heroin, and Anything Else: shrooms are fun
[208] Beer Good Or Beer Bad: usually bad, but on occasion
[210] Are U The Little Sissy Who Drinks Mikes And Whine
Coolers: If they taste good
[211] Do U Like Smirnoff Ice: nope
[212] Prefer Beer Or Liquor: Liquor
[213] So If You Smoke How Long U Been Killin Yourself Now:
I think I’ve smoked 3 packs in the last 3 years…. does
that count?
[214] What Kind Do You Smoke: whatever
[215] Could I Bum One: Sorry, I have none
[216] Back To Alcohol, Favorite Alcoholic Beverage:
[217] So If You Weren’t A Virgin... When’s The Last Time U
Got Some: ACTUAL sex? Hmmm…thinking…3-4 weeks ago
[.Would You Ever.]
[218] Bungee Jump: any day
[219] Sky Dive: planning on it for my 18th b-day
[220] Swim With Dolphins: In a heartbeat
[221] Scuba Dive: fuck yeah
[222] Go Rock Climbing: sure
[225] Change Your Religion: I don’t believe in religion, I
believe in faith
[226] Turn Your Back On Your Friends For Personal Gain:
depend…what’s the gain and which friend? J/k…. no
[227] Steal A Friends Boyfriend/Girlfriend: only from
[228] Cross-Dress: I’m wearing pants aren’t I?
[229] Lie To The Police: I guess I kind of have.
[230] Run From The Police: not likely
[231] Speed Away From The Police: If I could afford to
[232] Lie To Your Parents: When DON’T I
[233] Walk Up To A Total Stranger And Kiss Them: well,
I’ve hugged one…
[234] Be A Exotic Dancer: It has been considered
[235] Walk Out Of A Restaurant Without Paying: if the
service and food were REALLLLLY bad
[236] Streak [run naked through somewhere for all u who
don’t know]: Does Brandon’s house count?
[.Your Friends.]
[257] Best Friend: Mandy and Brandon
[258] Known Longest: Mandy
[259] Wish You Talked To More Then You Do: Keegan, Mandy
and Stephen
[260] Wish You Saw More Then You Do: Stephen Keegan and
[261] How Many Friends Do U Think You Have: enough
[262] How Many Do U Actually Hang Out With: as many as I
[263] Who Drives You Insane After Awhile: Tiff or Andrea
[264] Who Can You Stay Around Forever And Hardly Get Sick
Of: Mandy or Brandon…. probably Stephen, but I’ve never
been around him for excess periods of time
[265] Ever Loose A Good Friend Because You Took It To The
Next Level: don’t think so
[266] Craziest: Mandy, Brandon
[267] Loudest: Keegan
[268] Shyest: Jessica
[269] Best Hair: Brandon, Kevin, Aspen…. there’s a few
[270] Can Always Make You Laugh: Stephen, Brandon, and
[271] Best Eyes: Lindsay
[272] Best Body: Aspen or Brandon
[273] Most Athletic: Niki
[274] Sex Symbol: me? J/k…. probably Brandon
[275] Hot Tempered: dunno
[276] Most Impatient: Keegan
[277] Shortest: me. And I’m NOT CUTE!
[278] Tallest: don’t know
[279] Talented: ummm…. what kind of “talent”?
[280] Best Singing Voice: probably aspen
[281] Skinniest: dunno
[282] Nicest: hmmmmm….
[283] Best Personality: meh
[284] Biggest Drug User: Travis, Guy, or Cory
[285] Alcoholic: Brandon…. it’s after noon….
[.Have You Ever.]
[286] Flashed someone: frequently
[287] Told the person you liked how u felt: a couple times
[288] Been to Michigan: don’t think so
[289] Gotten really REALLY wasted: yes, a few times
[290] Gone to jail/juvi: nope
[291] Skateboarded: nope
[292] Skinny-dipped: glacier water’s cold….
[293] Stolen anything from a store: nope
[294] Wanted to kick my ass for making this so damn long
[295] Kicked someone’s ass: once or twice
[296] Pegged someone in the head with a snowball and they
never knew it was you: no
[297] Broke a beer bottle: yep
[298] Gotten into a bar underage: yep
[299] Kissed someone of the same sex: yeah
[300] Flipped someone off: many times
[301] Gone on a road trip: yeah
[302] Gone on vacation without adult supervision: mmm…
[303] Been to a concert: yep
[304] Been to another country: a few
[305] Talked back to an adult: everyday
[306] Got pulled over: not yet
[307] Into a car accident: one
[308] Broke a law: me? But I’m INNOCENT!!! (Struggles to
keep straight face)
[309] Given money to some homeless person: A few times
[310] Tried to kill yourself: Tried? No…. but I DID hold a
knife at my throat when I was about 12
[311] Cried to get out of trouble: oh yeah…. my mom was
such a softy
[312] Kissed a friends brother/sister: yeah
[313] Dropped something on the floor that u were cooking
for dinner and still put it on the plate: No
[314] What Do You Think About Boy Bands: Theirs always the
odd song that is good
[315] What Do You Think About Flag Burning: depends on
flag and purpose
[316] What Do You Think Of The War On Terrorists: Why does
it only count as terrorism when YOU’RE the victim, Bush?
You are the terrorists in most situations
[317] What Do You Think About Suicide: not a good question
[318] What Do You Think About People Who Try To Force
Their Opinions Upon You: That if I wanted their opinion,
I’d give it to them…lol
[319] What Do You Think About Abortion: pro-choice
[320] What Do You Think About Rock/Metal Music: nods
[321] Where Do You Think You'll Be In 10 Years: IN MY
[322] Who Do You Think You'll Still Be Friends With In 5
Years: hopefully most of them, most likely Brandon,
Lindsay, and Mandy
[323] What Do You Think About The Pop Music Scene: people
who encourage the dressing if little children in little
clothing should be shot
[324] What Do You Think About The Store Abercrombie &
Fitch: Snobs
[325] What Do You Think About Porn: lol
[326] What Do Think About The Death Penalty: Death is the
easy way out
[327] Most Annoying Person You Know: Chris, or Jeremy
[328] Most Annoying Cartoon: dunno
[329] Most Annoying Pop Star: J-Lo or either of the
[330] Most Annoying Boy Band: BSB
[331] Most Annoying Rapper: almost all of them
[332] Most Annoying Song: Hamster Dance
[333] Most Annoying Band/Group: Spice Girls or S-Club
[334] Most Annoying Sound: too many to count
[335] Most Annoying Thing People Do: Closed mindedness or
complaining about things that never really mattered
[336] Most Annoying Actor/Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
[337] Most Annoying Online Friend: None, I ignore them
[338] Most Annoying Website: I wouldn’t know, I don’t go
to them
[.What Did You Do....]
[339] Last Birthday: Ate fast food with my now-ex, and
[340] Yesterday: Had a nervous breakdown in the hallway….
and no one noticed
[341] Last Weekend: Worked...drank absinthe
[342] Christmas: Went to Colorado to see my brother, Josh
[343] Thanksgiving: Went to my uncles for dinner, almost
bitch-slapped my aunt, and spent an unhappy hour alone in
a field
[344] New Years Eve: Went to Mandy’s with my now-ex
[345] Halloween: went t ting with Kev and Mandy
[346] Easter: watched my nieces and nephew look for Easter
[347] Valentines Day: :) Got pissed off at the gov’t for
ruining what was supposed to be the best day of my high
school career.
[.The Sexy People.]
[348] So... Who's Your Sexiest Friend: Brandon.
[349] Sexiest Band: U2
[350] Sexiest Actor: Brandon Lee or Vin Diesel
[351] Sexiest Person You Have Kissed: Brandon…. maybe
[352] First Person You Thought To Be Sexiest: Evan or Devon
[353] Someone Who’s Sexy But You Don’t Want Nothing To Do
With: hmmm…
[354] Sexiest Person You Have Gone Out With: hangs head…
[355] Favorite Movie Quote: “’I feel like a little worm on
a big fuckin’ hook.’ You’re mama must be DAMN proud of
[356] Best Quote For Love: "No man is worth your tears,
and the one who is will never make you cry."
[357] Best Quote For Friendship: “A friend will help you
when in need. A TRUE friend will help you when you need to
hide bodies.”
[358] Best Quote For Life: “Life’s a bitch and mine had
[359] Funny Quote: “How many jellybeans?”
[360] Favorite TV Quote: “Stupid balls are in the way.”
[361] Best Quote For Moving On: “I made the choice to
finally go because I can’t stand this pain. It’s time for
my last tear to fall and for me to smile again.”
[362] Your Favorite Quote From A Song: “The butter melts
out of habit, you know the toast isn’t even warm.” Or “I
am watching your chest rise and fall like the tides of my
life, and the rest of it all, and your bones have been my
bed frame and your flesh has been my pillow and I’m
waiting for sleep to offer up the deep, with both hands.”
[.The Last Thing....]
[363] You Ate: Fries
[364] You Drank: make-believe Sprite
[365] You Took A Shower: This morning
[366] You Wore Out: Black shiny pants, white shirt, white
shoes, and trench coat
[367] The Last Place You Went: Home, before that, work
[368] Last Thing You Bought: food
[369] Last Thing You Got Pierced/Tattooed: The cartilage
of my right ear
[370] Last Person You Saw: as in physically saw, or
[371] Last Person You Kissed: Brandon
[372] Last Person You Fucked: Brandon
[373] Last Person You Talked To: Barb
[374] Last Party You Went To: Last weekend…. not huge,
just a couple friends and a pretty bottle
[375] Last Thing You Watched: I can’t remember…. probably
south park
[376] Last Song You Heard: That I recall, “Don’t wanna
miss a thing.”
[377] So What Are You Eating: nothing
[378] Anything To Drink With That: pop
[379] Whatchya Wearin: clothes…. i think…let me check…
*looks down* yep…clothes
[380] Any Shoes: Nope
[381] Hair: Down
[382] Listening To Anything: Good idea….hmmm…decisions,
decisions…ani or alanis….ani
[383] Talking To Anyone: nope
[384] Are You Pissed I Made This So Long: No, but I am
getting pissed at you asking that so often
[.Yes Or No.]
[385] Are You A Vegetarian: Is steak a vegetable? No? Then
hell no.
[386] Do You Like Sure: what da fuck?
[387] Am I A Bitch For Making This Damn Survey: No, just
for asking that fucking question so much
[388] Are You Artistic: people say so
[389] Are You A Fast Runner: Descent, but then I collapse
in pain. Fuck you mom.
[390] Can You Ski: Yes
[391] Are You British: Not directly
[392] Do You Want To Spear Britney: No, but maybe puncture
her million-dollar tits with a pellet from a sniper rifle
during an internationally broadcast live interview
[393] Do The Voices Talk To You And You Only: I hear spots
and see voices…
[394] Did You Ever Give Barbie A Free Haircut & Hair dye
Special: yeah…she looks better Goth
[395] Would You Eat Mac & Cheese w/Hot Dog In It: only if
my drinking buddy made it…. he makes good m & c
[396] Do You Think Disney Creators Were On Acid When They
Made Alice In Wonderland: maybe the writer
[397] Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up: never
really cared
[398] Are You Straight: like a spiral! I mean…. *cough*
yes…. straight
[399] Are You 1/2 Stupid, 1/4 insane and another 1/4
physically handicapped: I don’t know, could you repeat the
question? Into the ear that can hear please, before I
FUCKING KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! Sorry…. that was Fred,
my other personality….
[400] Are You Fat: I don’t think so
[401] Are You Skinny and just say your fat: I never said I
was fat
[402] Are You Short: grrr…. yes
[403] Do You Own A Hot Pink Shirt: no, just a dress
[404] How About Orange Pants: no
[405] Can You See The Flying Monkeys: yeah…. they’re
blue…. its funny
[406] Are You Evil: I’m perfectly innocent *Trina eyes*
[407] Did You Ever Know Someone Who Had A Mullet? Yep
[408] Know Anyone Who Still Has One: Yep
[409] Is Britney A whores: She’s not good enough to be
[410] Are You A Teenage Zombie: I don’t know, am I?
[411] Am I Annoying You Really Bad With All This Nonsense:
[412] Do You Like Marilyn Manson: sometimes
[413] If You Don’t Like Manson You Know You Suck Right:
well, at least I’m good at it
[414] Are You Secretly From Another Planet: it a was,
would I tell you?
[415] Did You Ever Touch Someone Else’s No-No Spot: *cough*
[416] Do You Shop At Hot Topic: Hell yeah! Thanks for the
shorts, Grandma.
[417] Could You Kick My Ass: No, but I could probably find
someone who could
[418] When You Get Drunk You Forget Everything You Did
Don’t You: Nope
[419] Were You A Goat In A Past life? I don’t think so
[420] Is It Time For You To Go Smoke Some Weed: No…not
[.Least Favorites.]
[421] Color: My old house’s siding…as my mother labeled
it, mule-piss green
[422] Vegetable: tough call…probably onion
[423] Fruit: None
[424] Store: The Gap
[425] Scent: too many
[426] TV Show: Again, too many
[427] Song: “Baby one more time” or the hamster dance
[428] Singer: lately, Madonna
[429] Band: Spice Girls
[430] Group: Didn't you just ask that?
[431] Movie: Again with too many…
[432] Cartoon: I dunno
[433] Actor: JTT…. remember that little dumbass?
[444] Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
[445] TV Channel: the Country music one
[446] Pizza Topping: anchovies
[447] Alcohol: Absolut Pepper
[448] Country: America [449] State: Washington, D.C
[450] Car: any nice one driven by some pathetic middle-
aged guy trying to be people
[451] Animal: humans
[452] Month: September
[453] Holiday: Easter…. you fuckers stole it
[454]Day Of The Week: either Sunday or Monday
[.Random Questions.]
[458] If You Could Be Any Animal, What Animal Would You
Be: cat or bird
[459] Why Would You Be THAT Animal: a cat to learn how
they think, a bird to know how to fly…. maybe a bat…. or
dolphin, I love swimming….
[469] If You Had To Eat One Thing For The Rest Of Your
Life What Would It Be: Strawberries or steak
[481] Do You Remember Any Of Your Dreams: Sometimes
[482] Do You Dream In Color Or Black And White: Both
[484] Do You Admit When You Need Help With A Problem:
Often, not always
[485] Can People Read You Like A Book: usually
[488] What’s Your Biggest Fear: Waking up to know that no
one loves me, and I have no one to love.
[501] Do You Talk A lot: depends whom I’m talking to
[502] Are You Afraid Of Clowns: …….no clowns…. can’t
sleep, clowns will eat me…
[503] Do You Like Spiders: at a distance
[503] How About Grape Kool-Aid Do You Like That: Yeah…I
want to hold a purple Jesus party
[506] Can You Drive: I’m working on it
[510] Are You A Spoiled Rotten Only Child: yes and no
[512] Are You Anti-Social: Sometimes
[514] How About Dumb People: kill them
[521] Now What Are You Going To Go Do: Try calling
Brandon, and failing that, I’m not sure…