The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-06-01 05:18:17 (UTC)

You may ask yourself...

Alright. Tonight was horrible.

Well, fine...not "horrible," I guess. That would usually
imply some drunken shenanigans or sexual humiliation (10/28/01, for
instance, being a good example of the former). Nothing like that.
Allow me to rephrase: tonight was "frustrating." Intensely

Half-Seas-Over was playing tonight, and I was really
exicted about seeing them. I invited two friends from the
museum, Sara (the other intern) and Kat (more on whom
later) to come with me. It was something I was looking
forward to: a rock good show, seeing Aubree and the gang,
some dancin' and drinkin', maybe being introduced to some
friends of the band, hanging out with Sara and Kat
outside, right? Well, I had heard it was
supposed to be at this place called Backwards on Forward,
until Sara's boyfriend said HE had it wasn't. So I looked
in the City Paper, and sure enough! It was to be a place
called Garfield Artworks. Sara gave me directions, and
after getting off work at eight, calling mom and walking
Gawain, I left about nine.

Sara's directions weren't...well, hmm. There was definitely
some love put into them, but they were a bit hard to follow. My fault
for not calling the venue beofrehand, I suppose. Anyway,
it took me two hours to find the fuckin' place, and the
reason I didn't find it is because it was dark and closed
up. Eleven o'clock! On a Friday night! The whole place was
closed up! Was the show over? That quickly? I don't
understand how that could be. There were supposed to be
four bands, and I THOUGHT it was supposed to start at nine;
listen, folks, I know rock and roll, and four bands do NOT
play in a two-hour span and pack up and go home. The
numbers don't add up. Maybe I was wrong, but even if it
started at, say, seven, there should have been people
leaving the place by eleven...I have no idea. So I drove
out to Backwards, which was similarly grueling. EVERYTHING
is under construction at night, so I got detoured all the
hell way out and didn't make it to Backwards until
midnight. Again: closed, locked. What the fuck?

So I'm a bit pissed. I suppose I'll call Garfield Artworks
tomorrow and find out what was up.

Otherwise, things are pretty good, although two unrelated
sets of circumstances are testing my commitment to my post-Kim/Lesli
non-romantic-pursuance pact. I've been hanging out with Nicole a bit
lately, which is fine, although I might want to watch my
step. She just broke up with her long-distance boyfriend;
actually -- strangely -- I was the first person she called,
and I listened to her talk about it for about a half-an-
hour or hour or so, sort of the old I-need-a-shoulder-to-
cry-on routine. Which is fine, I'm glad she can confide in me, but I
have a feeling she might be looking to rebound some hot action on the
side, as she IS the type that brags about makin' out with EVERYONE
and perhaps doing more as soon as a drop of alcohol enters her
system. I'm not sure if she was really agressive about it and I got
the impression it was just a one-time event I would want to
say "no, let's not," or if even saying "yes" would be out-
of-bounds (and for the record, I'm just talking about making out
here...definitely the Other Thing is a big no-no). Hmmmm. Perhaps
best force myself to avoid the siutation
and keep a clean track record, free of any technicalities. I like
Nicole, she's a nice girl, but I'm not
really attracted to her in that sense. She reminds me in
some ways of our old friend Alexis, and that right there
should be a warning signal.

Kat is the other circumstance, and a much more pleasant
one. Kat is a very intelligent, very stylish, adorably
geeky girl that works as a gallery attendant at the museum.
I have the teensiest crush on her, so it's hard not to fall
into my old routine: "hang out," start smooching ASAP. No, no, no. I
can't do that, I promised to myself. I did so for a reason, too: it
just creates tension, awkwardness, and general problems. Let me lay
my intentions out here, just to be perfectly clear. I'll just see
what she seems to think about things, and let her drop some signals.
I think she said she had a boyfriend, anyway, but who knows; I recall
she stated the same a kind of offhand fashion, or offhand enough to
raise questions, I guess. First sign that she's not interested, or
that a dating situation simply isn't feasible, I'll just drop it.
I'll force myself to.

There. That should work just fine.

Now I should go to sleep. I'm less pissed now; really, I'm
just sad that I didn't get a chance to hang out with
Aubree, because she's off for Portland before I get return to
Louisville. Hanging out really would have been a blast. I hope she
and Krissie do well out west, and I hope I'll get a chance to
see them again. I'm sure I will. That chance just wasn't
tonight, unfortunately.

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