2002-06-01 04:54:48 (UTC)

-"I Haven't been writing lately."

-"Why is that Amnesia?"
-"Because I mainly write when I am bored, sad, or am
waiting for someone to get online. Lately my sis hasn't
been on at the same times I am, and I'm not as bored or as
sad as I ususally am.
-"How cool."
-"Yes it is.

Lately I've been hanging with Karolina. (Which reminds me,
I got your letter sis!!!) Well yes. I've been doing more
things I should be doing with people about my age. Like
partying, going to cafe's, movies, hanging out, parties,
e.t.c... She's real funny, but no Teresa. I miss her lots.
I don't wanna overhang with Karoline cause that's what I
did with Aiondria and now I'm trying to avoid her, but
she's just so fun, and always wants to do something. Plus
her mom let's her take her car with ease. Plus my excuse is
that I should hang with her often, cause she's graduating
in a month or so.

I just hung with her today. I see her in school. That's
alot to see someone and not get bored of them all too

We also had The Odyssey performances today. I turned in my
application for the theatre internship. I don't think
anyone knows about that except my mom and some school
friends. (I'm crossing my fingers. Well no, I'm not. But
it's just the expression.)
So the shows were good. GREAT! Extremely funny.You should
have been there. I'm real tired now. 5 shows one day, too
much. Bye...


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