Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-06-14 05:15:58 (UTC)

Mo Fo

Last night I stayed out till 4am and got up for work @8am,
worked 11 hours and am really hurting today!!!! I have the
day off tomorrow though, yippeeeeeee!
JeG, AlT, ApK & I went to a bar last night with JiR &
CaD. The three of us left ApK @ the guys' house in the wee
hours of this morning and she turned around an slept w/
CaD, who happens to be JiD her recent ex's brother!! I had
a feeling something would go down last night, didn't want
to leave her she's got a lil problem on her
hands cause we live in a small town and word spreads
quicker here than a bad case of crabs. Reputations are
golden here and once your's is gone there's no turning

" All my friends are embryonic, all my friends are dead and
gone..all my friends are microscopic, all my friends wake
up alone....."
(Gutless, Hole)

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