my head
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2001-06-14 05:13:14 (UTC)


I am a total nerd. Chad, Jordan, and Steve were toching
me.....and i acted like i didnt know who they were. what a
huge huge loser i am..........damn i suck.

when is it going to be my turn to have a nice boy like me?
i mean i wait and wait and nothing. and when will people
think of me. i give so much of myself and i get zilch in
return. ya know drea cried that she is so sad we fought
about gerge....but then this whole mike bullshit. i mean
yes mike is super cute and really sweet. but he is 19.
ia m so not going there.......but she didnt even ask...and
i totally saw him first. she even knows i was looking at
him at their show. but whatever drea wants right.....that
is such bullshit. and she gets all quiet when i was
talking to him on the phone. fuck her. such pety
bullshit. i swear.it is so not fair though. i mean the
the f? iknow nothing goes right for me and drea needs a
guy to like her more i guess, but what does that leave for