Alice Sycamore

my stars
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2002-06-01 04:00:24 (UTC)

A little more on the side

So here's the story I know you've all been dying to hear,
what I said I wouldn't tell you yesterday, I talked to him.
After like a good four years of not really talking to him, I
actually did. I guess one reason I like this guy so much is
cause I can just totally see myself with him, haha I already
get along with and totally love his family, he was just the
only one I hadn't gotten to know yet... and now I find
myself getting to know him, slowly, but possibly surely. I
just really hope that he is what my mind had thought of him
to be, accepting and open (cause of stuff in my family, some
of them are kind of off, and you'd really have to be open to
get to know them!) and I'm hoping that he's the punk (that
some of my friends kind of shun) only around his friends...
cause all guys are dorky around their guy friends! So yeah,
I'm hopeful, cause I could really see something good
happening there, if it happens. So wish me luck I guess,
and we'll just see what happens!
Until tomorrow, (or la

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