a rop through my mind....
2002-06-01 03:11:20 (UTC)

sorry it's been so long


well, same old same old, still in troy :) (yes, it's troy,
but hey, people are around! :) )

Working Alumnae weekend at RSC this week, and let me just
say that they are some of the nicest women i've met, and
some of them (the older ones) are just so cute :) there's
the woman from the class of 1927 (she's 97 years old)
wandering around the campus and just so happy to be there,
well, most of the people there are excided to be back, and
it's loads of fun....

still no job yet, but it looks like i might get something
working for PSI, a company out here, i'd be like basically
an assistant to the project manager or something, not bad,
and it's better than like retail.

well, there's your udate, oh, and my cousin robin came out
last monday and it was fun :) and yes, all of you are
invited out to visit any time, just let me know first :)

well, i think that's all for now, i'll try to keep