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2001-06-14 04:49:24 (UTC)

when were you planning on..

when were you planning on coming back..
id like to know.
because now that youve been gone.
i dont miss you anymore.
and you always say...
that this time its okay.
you love me.

and im sick of your bullshit.
im not the little girl you used before.
life has taken its toll.
and you might accuse me of being bitter.
but im not.
im mearly aware.

so dont tell me youre hurt.
because you never asked me if i was.
dont pretend like you dont care.
when i know you do.
because i have never not been there.

see how you do.
without me to fall back on.
can you stand for yourself??
do you need support.
i did at a point.
and where the fuck were you?
i didnt have anyone.
i didnt have anything.
i didnt even have you.
dont tell me im mean.
dont tell me not to be so harsh.
because im tired of being nice.
and being used.
fuck that.
so now youll find out what its like.
to be alone.
and sad.
i might love you.
but that doesnt mean im stupid.
and, its because i love you.
that im doing this.
you need to learn how to be okay.
by yourself.