SuGaR RuSh
2002-06-01 02:04:20 (UTC)

OMG :( :( :(

okay well i live in pittburgh and we've been havin really
bad weather and 2day thar was a tornado in west
mifflin*sp...and thats were kennywood is....and if ur from
pitt u know that kennywood is like great and like u like
grew up w/ it and like its very important 2 ya...(well 4 me
@ least)...well the twister hit thar and this great ride
the whip got hit and it fell down and thar was ppl under it
and sumone died :( its so sad i kant believe sum1 died
there...:(....well 2 nite is boring but i got chinese and i
feel high cuz i cleaned my room...dun im gunna go

*mommy and daddys got the best cocaine*

oh ya...brits niece has cancer...:( so that put a dammper
im my day 2...:(