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2002-06-01 01:38:53 (UTC)

Trip to Town and Preparations

We went to Albany and Corvallis today. At Costco we bought
plastic cups, a box of hamburger patties, three huge bags of
chips and other assorted necessities for Gavin's graduation
party which is a week from tomorrow. We went to Homebase
where I bought more plants--flowers and tomatoes, then to
Bi-Mart where I bought a hanging pot. We did some banking
stuff, picked up Owen and took him out to lunch (Subway) and
then made a quick stop at the Folk Club where I bought
a pair of earrings for 35 cents! What a bargain!

This evening John and I have been working on cleaning up the
yard--both front and back. There's still a lot of work left
to do. We have most of the food, the cake is ordered (white
with raspberry filling and a computer generated photo of
Gavin on his first day of kindergarten). I still need to
get the decorations and balloons, put pictures of Gavin in
various frames for the cake table, and figure out where
everything will go. There's still some food to buy--hot
dogs and fixings for salads--but not too much.

I've been feeling much more energetic now that I'm walking 3
miles every day. I know it's three miles because I measured
it with the van. In this town, 22 blocks equals one mile and
I walk 68 blocks. It takes me about an hour. I'm trying to
walk a little bit faster; my goal is more like 50 minutes or
maybe even 45 minutes. In the past month I've lost 11 pounds
and I think most of that is due to the walking although I
have been watching what I eat more carefully. Doing
yardwork is good exercise too!

John's gone to the country house and when he gets back I'll
drive Gavin to his girlfriend's house. There's a dance
tonight and then they're going out to dinner. I still need
to make John's lunch for tomorrow, start the dishwasher, do
the laundry (which I didn't do earlier as I was gone all
day), make the bed, and hopefully get in a little more
yardwork before it gets dark. Tomorrow promises to be
another busy day!