I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-05-31 22:35:56 (UTC)

Rainy, but clean

I am a slob. I admit it. But only when it comes to my
room. The rest of the house is lovely. But today I
finished up my thorough cleaning. Putting papers into my
important paper box, getting rid of stuff I don't need
anymore, etc. etc. Then I made my bed and vaccummed my
carpet. It's amazing what a clean carpet can do for your
outlook. Things are feeling good. Had a long conversation
with a drunk Chris last night. He's so cute. Makes me
laugh. I love him to pieces. :)

Ok, so, I've promised Mackenzie the answers to her
questions. So, get ready, cause here are my not so
extraordinary answers.

1. First kiss, tell all.
~Well, remember when you made tables out of your desks in
1st grade? Take 6 desks, put 3 next to eachother, and then
3 across from them, and you kinda had a table, and that
was your group in class? Believe it or not, I was pretty
popular in 1st grade. We were cutting something out of
construction paper, and pasting it somewhere. Somehow, my
group got into a discussion about kissing. I said that I
had no problem with a boy kissing me, it wasn't a big
deal. The guy sitting next to me, I think his name was
Mike, said "Yeah, it's no big deal at all" and leaned over
and kissed me on the lips. I had a crush on him at the
time, and I was in heaven. But of course I couldn't react
because I had just announced that kissing wasn't a big
deal. Later on in that school year, he came to my house
and we lived on about 4 acres, and were out in the yard
and I told him I wanted to play house. He said ok, and I
told him that he had to kiss me when he came home. He
didn't agree with that, and refused. So, that was the end
of Mike. Wow, I was young!! He was way cute
though....Italian I think, dark hair, dewy eyes, crooked
smile....yeah, way hot. I moved after 1st grade and never
saw him again.

2. First time you drank (a significant amount).
~Hmm...I really don't remember actually. I think I started
drinking the end of my sophomore year in high school, or
the beginning of my junior year. It was usually at my
friend Frank's house, cause his parents were clueless. To
understand this story, you must first know that I love
cinnamon stuff...atomic fireballs, cinnamon gum, etc. The
hotter, the better. Okay, now that you know that, I was at
Frank's house with Nicole and Vanessa and Amy G. Amy and I
were doing shots of Goldschlager (which I'd never had
before, but cinnamon is my favorite, as you already know).
Well, Amy stopped drinking way before I did and I was too
drunk to realize it, so I kept going and finished the
bottle. I'm 5'10", and a big girl, so it takes ALOT for me
to get totally trashed. But that night, holy crap, I was
wasted. I remember Vanessa and Frank climbing out of
Frank's window into his yard and picking grass (real
grass, from the lawn) to smoke because they were out of
weed. I feel asleep on Frank's bed, and woke up in the
middle of the night to puke, felt better and went back to
sleep. Well, I didn't remember until the next morning that
I had thrown up. Frank informed me later that I had failed
to flush and his grandmother found it. Ewwww, so gross.
But I had a blast that night. Ahhh...high school memories.

3. Nick names?
~Yeah, a bunch. My real name is Louisa. It's an old family
name. Well, Louisa got shortened to Ouisa (pronounced
weeza) and then morphed into weezer. This is why I hate
the band, cause I was weezer first, and refuse to listen
to any kind of reason about it. I don't listen to their
music either out of protest. Hmm....then little kids had a
hard time pronouncing the L in my name, so they substitued
an M and came Maouisa (muh-weeza). There are still people
who call me that. I was also Louista, Weeze, sleeza, and
sleeze. Not very nice if you ask me.

4. Any senior pranks in high school?
~No, no senior pranks. I just skipped a lot of school and
went to the beach instead. That's one of the advantages to
living in FL.

5. Biggest disappointment?
~Do I have to choose just one? Well, I suppose my biggest
one was the guy who was my best friend in high school, the
one that knew (and still knows) everything about me, could
tell by the way that I walked down the hall how my day had
been, didn't feel the same way about me as I felt about
him. That was so hard. But in my life, I really haven't
had that many disappointments. My family is wonderful,
they've always been there for me, I never went without
something that I've needed, and always felt loved.

6. Most recent accomplishment?
~Well, I stood up to someone last night about calling
people by their nicknames actually. It wasn't a big deal,
but I rarely stand up for myself, but I did and I'm proud
of myself. And the dude shut up and I won and I KICK ASS!!

7. Movie star you had a huge crush on when you were
~This one is so easy. I was so in love with Luke
Skywalker. He was so innocent, and had this little boy
face and seemed so nice and always wanting to do the right
thing. Though, I also had a thing for the Karate Kid. He
was cute too, and could beat people up for me too.

8. Best childhood friend?
~Chris Morton, kindergarten through the summer before 2nd
grade. We were inseperable. Did everything together. One
day we were in his back yard and digging a hole to NY
cause we knew that you can't dig a hole to China. Well, he
got sand in his mouth, and went inside to get a drink of
lemonade. I told him to hurry up 'cause I knew we were
close and then we could see Sesame Street on Ice. He ran
inside, and had a drink, and then came back to the door,
but it was a swinging screen door but with glass in place
of the screen, and ran right though it and fell down the
steps. I watched my best friend run through a plate of
glass. I was so scared. I couldn't move. His mom took him
to the hospital and I helped his dad pick up pieces of
glass before he took me home. Fortunately, Chris only
needed stitches on his chin, and that was from falling
down the steps. He only cut his hand a bit on the glass. I
miss him.

9. Favorite song (only one)
~Hmm..well, it changes all the time. I'd say right now
that it's Wonderland by John Mayer. But the live version,
not the LP version. It's awesome. I love it.

Well, there 'ya go! Hope that answers them all. My mom is
roasting a chicken for dinner, and it smells great. And
I'm jealous that someone is reading your journal and not
mine! LOL!! Just kidding, way to go! And I'm glad about
your puppy, she sounds so sweet!! What a lucky girl you
are. Okay, I'm off.