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2002-05-31 21:36:49 (UTC)

Pop!, Summer and Six Flags...not necessarily in that order :)

omg i'm so happy, like, really truly happy for probably the
first time in a while.

Yummy, I got a really good cereal, Rice krispies Treats and
I just had a bowl of it and i got two of those big clump
thingies. haha yeah so what, but that makes me happy! hehe
snap, crackle, POP!

Um yeah, so anyway. JOHN MAYER IS A LYRICAL GOD. yeah i
just had to get that out. I mean, look at this verse:

well these days I wish I was six again
oh make me a red cape,I wanna be Superman.
oh if only my life was more like 1983
all these things would be more like they were at the start
of me
if my life was more like 1983
plot a course to the source of the purest little part of me

and most my memories have escaped me
or confused themselves with dreams
if heaven's all they want it to be
send your prayers to me care of 1983

I'm loving it.

OK so I can't wait for summer. I'm working at the SFY with
two of my closest friends and one of my best friends. It's
gonne be so awesome. PLus I'm working in Div. D so we get
to take trips and stuff. What's everyone else doing this

Plus remember how I had a whole thing about me going to
Germany? check out http://www.x-change.america.de.vu/ it's
a site made by torsten, one of the guys who came to
america. very cool, if you're interested.

mmm Six Flags. hehehe "T minus 10(?) days" until i see ben,
ethan, james, tammi, rachel, and all my other usy friends
again. very exciting. i'm just so euphoric right now.

Current Song: Fleetwood Mac "Landslide"
Current Mood: Carole Dawn Johnson "Complicated" (ya'll
hafta check out these lyrics, so true, so true)