No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-05-31 21:34:46 (UTC)

summer vacation?

agh! thats all im thinking right now. honestly. my brain
will not produce a single thought (besides 'agh!' that is)
sorry its been so long. i had NO money so i didnt pay my rr
bill...therefore (since my parents SUCK MONKEY PENIS) ive
been without the internet for a lil more then a week. my
niece is here from GA so im spending money i dont have. i
bought her a pair of shoes today for $11...that coulda been
used much more efficiently on GAS. sorry...i know...i
complain about gas WAY too much but if u drive u should
understand. lauras last day is next friday. :'(. imma cry!
gah! its not fair! barbara and nancy are BITCHES! shes been
there TWO YEARS! and theyre making her quit bc she cant
come in one day?! how gay is that? they hired 2 ppl (to
replace her and joann)...both go to hernando high and
theyre both like a yr youngern me...monica slocum and
michael least ones a boy ;-)...NOT THAT I NEED
ANOTHER GUY TO ADD TO MY PROBLEMS!!!! grr! last sunday
becky kicked us outta johns house so i ended up sittin in
joe's driveway with him for a coupla hours. he was
practically molesting me! i was like 'u have a girlfriend!'
but he didnt seem to care very much. he asked me if imma go
back out with john and i was like (jokingly!) 'hmm...idk...
(lol) ya see...its just that ive got these numerous guys
that want me (lol)...' and he was like 'im one of them!'
sdklahtbv;kdyhtb then monday me jay laurie josh mary and
criag went to the movies and when me and jay were at marys
house we had pretty much the same conversation and when i
said that he was like 'that would be me!' AGH! my brain has
started making a strange buzzing noise now. i think i spend
too much time driving! i havent seen any of my friends
since monday. didnt even talk to any of em till yesterday
when i called mary. god my life is boring! yay! ryans
online! someone to talk to! yipee! aslktjbl
ciao babes!