AngeL w/o WinGs

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2002-05-31 20:56:08 (UTC)

Cool Waters

Well things have calmed themselves down in my life once
again. Things have been kind of crazy lately, and now they
are working themselves out. I guess that means my life is
back on track, but the world of Shanen tends to take some
weird twists and turns....and create dramas, i dunno its
weird. but let's see. i have a boyfriend, that is probably
what has paced me. His name is Sean, and he's so cute. He's
a younger Freddie Prinze Jr., lol. But yeah....he's a
sweetheart, and goes to a h.s. somewhat by mine, but I am
his first relationship, and things are moving pretty
slowly, but it's ok b/c it's all that cutesy bf-gf stuff.
Ricky.....grr, he well we had some problems. Don't wanna go
there. Work is going well, and school is almost over....I
am going swimming tomorrow, and have been hanging out at
the pool hall alot lately with andrew. so yeah.....summer
fun :o)