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life of a porn star
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2002-05-31 20:34:36 (UTC)

i hate fat people - ok not really

so today was my final day of highschool and it sucked a
dogs ass. i had graduation practice and then a lunch.
basically havent talked ne of my lunch table friends and i
feel akward asking to tag along. this was going o be the
best weekend ever and now it is a nothing weekend. tonight
was the las mount dance ever- now i dot want to go, and we
were supposed to go out after buti guess im not cool enough
ne more to go out with them to there bars ect. then
tommarow was the green day concert and my friends backed
out at he last minute so then i had no one to go with. so
then i was gonna sell them to this fat girl named jackie.
but then fat jackie did not want to buy them so i was back
a square one. and no one wants to help me. and im pissd bc
these were my b day presant and now its like i got no
presants. then sunday i am supposed to go to canada and get
drunk after graduation - we will see what happens with
that. i gtg have a break down.

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