El Diablo
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2002-05-31 19:42:28 (UTC)

you will be missed Hazel.....

Dear diary,
Today was a special day. The farewell party I organized for
Shail went good. It was at the beach next to Bruj Al Arab.
A really magical setting. It was a surprise party actually.
We all gathered there and hid behind a shed on the beach.
And when she came in the car we all jumped on the car and
scared the life out of her :) ……. The person incharge of
bringing her there told her that he was going to meet his
friends parents ….. boy was she surprised to see all of us
instead. We had food ….pulled each others leg got her face
covered in cake …... the usual stuff. I hope she was happy
with the gift we got her. We got her a gold chain and a
gold bracelet. My sister labeled me as being the dumbest
person on earth buying gold at a time when the gold prices
are sky high :s but Shail is worth every penny….believe me
she is.
It was really difficult for me to hold on to my self. I am
gonna really miss her. I hope she will miss me too. I did
my best to smile and keep a straight face through out but
at the end I couldn’t. so I made an excuse and left.
But finally every one, including her, had a good time. That
what I wanted :)
Nways ….its getting late

Astalavista, baby

El Diablo