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2001-01-01 07:16:20 (UTC)

well the new year is..

well the new year is here......a new begining a chance
to make things anew. to start over to begin again which
ever way you would like to put it. but i will never forgot
the memories that year 2000 brought... some good and some
bad..but they are there and will always be..and the new
year will bring me more.....hopefull more happy then bad
but i cant judge that cause you never know...i am just
going to live my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause it's my life.!!!!!!
maybe i will change .........who knows onyl time can tell.
and untill then i wait and see what this crazy life of mine
has in store for me.and i say bring it on!!!!!!good or
bad...............i am reayd and willing cause it's my
life!!!!i am coming into this new year with a great
attitude.....positive....and crazy so world watch out cause
here i come....reayd or not.....even though there will be
rough times........sad times.........crazy times........i
am not alone.....and that is what makes me strong even
though they dont know it.but it does. just knowing that i
have someone there for me and my friends are always i can
do anything..and they will help me through as well as i
will be there them. well this is my first entry in the new
year and it is strong and great . hopefull the rest of the
year will be the same.

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