This is the diary of Lil Shorty
2001-06-14 02:20:04 (UTC)


Wensday JUNE 13th 9:20 pm
Today was fun. I love having ART class but this one was the
last one of the year. SNIFF SNIFF i dont get to see Kory
and Mike anymore. WAAAAAAAAA. I am goin to miss Kory so
mucccch this summer i really like him and sniff i dont get
to see him till next year, and then he will be senior and
i probilly wont have any classes with him DARN. I have
liked him since the beggining of the year and i think he
knows i mean i havent been to quit bout it, i mean i want
him to know but i dont think he likes me he same way i mean
why would he i am like BLAAAHH i mean what guy would like
me the ones thay do must be despert then. OH well . The
otha guy Mike he is in Art too i have liked him fo a while
too but not the whole year, and it figures at the end of
the year he finally starts talkin to me that bites hard.
He flirts a little and stuff oh well i am not complaining.
Tusady i was sittin at my art table and kory as stiin next
to me and he was lookin through my agenda and found pics of
me and i tryed to get them back but he like held them away
from me so i had to lean way over him to get them ann then
i was about to get them then he got up and and sat down
someplace else then i went and stood next to him and he was
like why didnt u want me to see that pics of you and i said
they were bad and he was like Well i dont see anything wrog
with them i like them. I was aaaawwwww i probilly turned
nine differnt shades of red gosh. AND today i got my year
book and i wanted him to sign it really baaaad but of
course stupid me i didnt have the guts to i am so dumb and
thats the last class i had with him ughhhhh. Hey but Mike
signed it but he sad mean stuff but he wasnt serious I
HOPE, and Lets see Derek Backman, and Kyle, and MIKE
manning signed it too. I was really surprised at what
Derek wrote here i will tell ya....... he wrote "I know i
dont know you that well but you seem like a cool person.
Maybe we could hang out more next year. Well have a good
sumer and I"ll see ya next year." I was like wow cause i
dint reeally think derek liked me that much i mean yea he
talked to me once and a while but i didnt think that he
would want to get to know me. and then like Kyle wrote
somting like see ya next year, and MIKE M. wrote stuff like
its been great getting to know you this year if i dont see
ya this summer i will c ya next year. aaawwwww thats nice
Mike is a cuite and Josh his cousin is too Josh is a pritty
good friend i like him alot( as a friend). I still have to
get him to sign it. I get out of school in 6 days i cant
wait. Oh yea there is this othe guy i like his name is
Peter Lucurto but he probilly doesnt even know who iam .
But he is hott and i am like havin this fling with this
really kewl guy on the net named willie he is from FL and
he is really sweet and nice and so on
Love Alicia