lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-05-31 17:29:29 (UTC)

i heard you...i get the point

oh my gracious. so for some reason i've had a heck of a
problem sleeping lately...just waking up from my back pain
and having nightmares about being in concentration camps
and stuff...really scary stuff, if you ask me. but last
night i was in bed by 11, and i had the bestest best dream
everrrrr about every possible cool thing and my freaking
alarm went off and i hit snooze and it went off again and i
hit snooze and finally it was REEEALLY time to be almost
leaving, and once again i didn't do my hair or makeup or
anything and haha i thought "jeez i can at least do it for
the last two weeks of school!" guess not. so here i
am...tired & kinda tripped out on advil...haha.

and finals will be the end of me. i am soo serious. this
next week is a SAT II's tomorrow and shtuff...

oh yeah...and i'm feeling way out of the hardgrave loop.
my mom secretly invited my grandparents to my concrt last
night...told me this morning that she is basically forcing
me to take an extra SAT tomorrow...told some lady at the
grocery store yesterday that she's going back to work. and
i was like "you are?" and my mom was like "uh, YEAH" as if
i should have known. always the last to know, that's how i

so this is my weekend: no sleep, lots of studying, and
friends out of town. hmm sounds great.