the ups and downs of my life
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2002-05-31 17:22:20 (UTC)

alll about me!!!!!!!!!

well i only got 3 more days of school left and im so
happy. i got an 88 on my spanish final:/ 100 on my
history :) and i dont know what i got on my science but i
am pretty sure i got an A!!!! all i have left is english
(scary) math(ok) and desktop(so easy) just to let u all
know desktop is a computer class we have to tkae.

well as i said in the previous entry......we were all
goping to leave school early and go get pizza..with
danieele..whom i dont like because in the beginning of the
school yr she was being a *itch and telling ppl i said
stuff about them and i didnt. wel anyway jess and daniele
decided they dont want to leave early and didnt even tell
me cuz they didnt see me in school(well i was on aol im
yesterday and was talking to jess..and danielle was on so
they could have told me then) so now i dont have a ride
and i dont want to stay...myu mom cant pick me up cuz she
works so i am going to ask my dad...but if he cant i guess
im screwed and will have to sit in chorus for an hour and
half with nothing to do.

isnt that lovely?

well lets ee my brother aint going to be home till 930
tonight cuz he went on a band trip so i dont have to worry
bout him....maybe i will go driving(even though im only
15) on dirt roads. or maybe i will go shpping..i have 70
some bucks. tomorrow i have to go shopping too
tomorrow..we have a coupon. i wanna by some sandle(or
flipflops) and some shirts.

well i guess that is it.
bye for now