Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-05-31 17:11:51 (UTC)


Sometimes life is like a headache and all I want is an
advil. I should put that on my quotes page. My back is
going nuts. I watched Empire Strikes Back and Return of the
Jedi and during both movies if I moved the left side of my
lower back spiked with pain down to my legs. For Empire I
couldn't get up. Mark had to help me and I took a pill that
was 800mg of Motrin. Today somehow the topic at lunch
turned to religion, and I just got so frustrated I refused
to say anything about it anymore. No one would let me
anyway. Sometimes I feel as though I don't have time or
patience or energy to deal with other people's crap. But I
can't isolate myself. Then there's nothing left. Am I
afraid of losing everyone, of everyone just going away? Or
is it myself I'm afraid to lose? I don't know anymore. I
wonder how many people are truly happy. Not the actual
figure, like a percentage. I wonder. I miss Tim. I know
Tim misses me. It's funny but lately I've realized that I
haven't had Chinese food since april. That sucks. I like
Chinese food. I have to go program. Bye......