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2002-05-31 16:48:14 (UTC)


Ode to Chipmunks
In a far away land
Two Chipmunks walked hand and hand.
One was from a far away town
It was very quiet, and hardly made a sound
The other was from an island city, buzy and hot.
In a place, whre the many taxis wouldn’t stop.
They meet on a bright and sunny day.
The both laughed, their cares away.
The chipmunk from the town fell in love with him.
Hoping that thier life would happend to be like the dreams he saw him in.
He liked her as friend
but didn’t realize that soon the river would bend.
Mr. Chipmunk missed that she had a crush
he didn’t realize that she will always blush
Days went by
and the weeks flew on
before they knew two years were gone.
They were no longer kids
between both worlds they were amid
Big city Chipmunk saw her again
this time liked her more then as a friend.
Many years later, on the same great island.
They were married, and they stayed there on their homeland.
Happy they were forever more.
Then they whole world they explored.

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