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2001-06-14 02:11:40 (UTC)


it's one of those days . had to borrow bleach and take out
something you coulnd't do yourself.
not like that matters
so you know your hair looks like shit i dont know why you
sure. im a bitch. thats a bad ting to say but c' mon, really.

today is a bubble day
fuck-an-A i hate these damn days.
you shoulda let me take the trip by myself.
it would have been fine . you would have been cooler today
you would have been less apt to be stand offish to me
but then there is the letting me know when you do. hold my
hand here , touch me so i know... and i do. god damnit
sometimes it's just not enough.
are these books, are all of these other minds , going to
continue to bend you thoughts ? why can't you just flow for
yourself? LISTEN to yourself.
i have been saying listen and it's a broad term my buddy.......
perhaps, take HEED of others words..... heed. all of them
aren't truths just because they have been typed or spoken...
look , it's just like that bible, it's all about how LITERALY you
to take something . do it too hard, well then you are just
fucking yourself into a world of MORE rules and regulations.
listen to your SELF my friend. follow your OWN path....
i do love you so , as i love many of my freinds...
no, its not
a puppy love or some kind of silly i think i love you game
i still dig you even though it itches like a burning rash
when you edge me because someone else is around . i know
why you do it , but at the same time , all the time you
spend hiding your actual emotion self around me because of
the rest of the world , the more you tend yo beleive it.
and that sucks. just like when you fuck with me or anyone else.
like i was saying the other day .. you do it so much it
seems almost like you tend to believe it... are you
the boy who
cried wolf?
i wonder
what are you hiding from?
i can't hurt you nor can anyone else.
you , if you are as strong as you WANT to be , no one can
hurt you.
right at the moment my feelings are a bit underwater i
admit. they are ..
i just miss you
and i erally wishes we could just be free ......at the same

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