~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
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2001-06-14 01:58:16 (UTC)


Ok, this is the first "public" one of these that I have
done. I am 15 years old and going into the 10th grade, and
I am completely head over heels in love. But, there are
always problems with relationships. For some reason, I
don't think problems are supposed to get as big as they
have with me, Kevin, mom. I know you are probably
thinking that Kevin is going for my mom instead of me, and
if you are, you are wrong. Because Kevin isn't older than
me. He is actually only 13 years old. And going into the
8th grade. BUT he is supposed to be in the 9th. The
reason he failed is because he was in DJJ (department of
juvenile justice) because of something his cousin, Leon
did. TWICE!! The reason I am having problems is because
my mom hates him. I met him last summer when my mom was
teaching summer school. He was in it. I was like
a "gopher" or a "helper" or whatever. So one day, about a
week into summer school (I had known him for a week), I was
taking graham crackers to the kindergarten and 1st grade
rooms. My hands were absolutely overflowing with stuff, so
he offered to help me (he was coming back from there).
After I took the crackers, I was supposed to go back to my
mom's room. But, Kevin said, "Sarah, Leon has to ask you
something." Being the nosey person that I am, I walked
back to the room with him, badgering him to tell me that it
was. Eventually, after he put up fruit cups and milk in a
freezer and played with a little girl, he asked me out.
That moment, when he played with the little girl, was the
one where I fell in love with him. I told him to call me.
When we were leaving school that day, I told my mom about
it. She told me that I COULD NOT under any circumstances
go out with him - EVER!! But I talked her into it somehow,
and she made me SWEAR I wouldn't tell my dad, because Kevin
had a "record." Then one day, out of the blue, she
insisted that I break up with him, and gave me no reason.
For the last 10 months and ESPECIALLY the last 2, I have
been sneaking behind her back and talking to him and seeing
him. I went over to my friend, Amanda's, house last week,
and he got his mom to take him there to see me, because
they live near each other. I don't live anywhere near them
and the only reason I go to that school is because my mom
teached in the district. But I love Kevin SO much. And I
don't know what to do. I have my family believing that I
like someone named "Jamie" and every time Kevin calls
(which isn't often, my mom had his number blocked - he
calls from his sister's house and his mom's cell phone) he
says that his name is "Jamie." Am I evil?? Uf anyone has
any ideas of something for me to do, about anything, PLEASE
E-mail me at [email protected] Thanks for your
time, at least.