Bloodstain Sun

The Book Of Counted Sorrows
2001-06-14 01:52:52 (UTC)

Happier Than Ever With Travis.

I'm with Travis (Trizavisam) now, as of June 9, 2001.
Yes, 6/9, lol. He's amazing, sweet, charming, fun, sexy,
smart, and anything else good that you could imagine.
I love him with all my heart even though it's only online.
I hope we'll stay together for a long time!
His full name is also really sexy, it's: Travis Matthew
Taylor. -droolz-
He's been there for me ever since I met him and now he's
there twice as much, if I need to talk about anything he's
there, if I'm sad, he tries his best to make me happy, no
matter what's wrong he's there to cheer me up. He's 15, 16
on July 31, he lives in Fontana, California. He has a
tongue ring. -droolz- Brown hair, blue/green/brown eyes
built body 5'11". Sexy huh? I have his home address now so
I can send him a present for his Birthday! Yesterday I was
afraid he was cheating on me for some unknown reason, I'm
sure he isn't. He was so hurt when Gabby broke up with him
because she was cheating on him, I highly doubt he'd want
to hurt me like that. But I'm still inlove with him and I
hope everything works out between us, I'll hopefully meet
him within the next few years, if all goes well. My heart
belongs to him, always and forever.However, I'm caught in
the lust of Curt, who now, knowing he can't have me, wants
me more than ever, and the love of Travis.. It's hard
though, knowing this guy has a crush on me and not being
able to show the same thing back to him. Even now as I'm
writing, Curt's trying to get me, doing everything he can
think of to get me to submit to him and cheat on Travis.
I've committed myself to Travis, I'm not going to cheat on
him no matter who wants me, I love him too much to hurt him
like that. It really is hard though... It's amazing how
guys have a chance to be with you when you're single and
don't want to then when you're with someone they want you..
Travis is so sweet and loving.. but Curt has a way with
words... I dunno what to do. I'm NOT going to play Travis,
I love him way too much. I'm convinced in my mind that all
Curt wants me for is to play around with him and I', just
not gonna do it, it's not right and I'm not like that