Big whoaday
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2001-06-14 01:45:24 (UTC)

Wed. Night Church!!!

Dear Journal,
Tonight,June 13th,2001 was Church night!!1 Now i love going
to church to Worship god, we have an awesome band, great
friends, and an awesome hangout!! Well, as i told you
yesterday, i ahven't talked to Andrea in 2 days, well now
three. Well as expected, she didnt show up at Church,
which, honestly, i wanted to see her, but i was jsut gonna
see her and ignore her. Well now i figure she is jsut
playing the ignore me game, which i am playing back but umm
well ,i am alittle worried but i figure everythign is
alright, i ma just so like wanting to call her, and i
probably will but anyway, jsut wantted to give you a check
up!!1 OHH!! and today was my third,exiting day of behind
the wheel, so i had a great tiem!!!1 Well gotta go, peace

Brian Norris
June 13th,2001