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2001-06-14 01:42:45 (UTC)

A VERY F--ked Up Day!

Guess what? I started out having a decent morning
today..Despite last night having some discomfort during sex
with my fiance'. My p---y felt irritated and swollen. I
thought It was just from too much sex. However, I had been
having a funny discharge for the past week after I had
taken this antibiotic for a sinus infection. Anyway, I went
to my local STD clinic. It turns out that I have
Trichomoniasis. It is a (usually) sexually transmitted
parasitic infection. But I found out it can be also
transmitted via close contact with items such as wet
towels, toilet sears, or contaminated water in hot tubs.
This is sooo gross..I called my fiance and told him he
needs to get checked out too because he could give it back
to me..(They gave me some NASTY pills to take to clear it
up)I don't feel as though he was cheating on me though.I
wasn't cheating on him that's for sure..I think it is just
one of those things that happens..He doesn't have any weird
symptoms though..Like i did..According to rarely have symptoms for trich and they
can have it and not realize it..To all the people reading
this..If you suspect something ain't right down there..

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