Nicky's World
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2002-05-31 14:05:54 (UTC)


yesterday i had so much fun! i woke up and got ready and
stuff, then i called brandon to make sure they knew how to
get to my house, then about a hour later he called cause
they had gotten lost so i had be tell them how to get there
while they were driving. it was quite funny.

then they finally got there so i left my house we made a
couple stops, well a lot of stops, and we finally made it
to carters lake at like 12.

well i didn't plan on going swimming so i didn't bring a
swim suit. but when we got there i wanted to go tubing so i
just went in my clothes. oh well! tubing is so much fun i
loved it. i had a great time except for the fact that my
legs are REALLY sunburnt, it hurts so bad. i got to see all
my senior friends Maria, Amanda, Andrew, Kenny, Brandy. i
love all of them and i don't want them to leave ever! i'm
prolly going to miss andrew the most though cause he is
going to the army and i won't get to see him that much if
at all. i think maria is the sweetest person in the world!
she is like my long lost sister. she is just so trusting
and nice i feel like i can tell her anything in the world.
i'm so happy, i found out yesterday that she's staying in
dalton so i can talk to her whenever i want. YAY! i love my

me and amber hung out a lot at the lake we both went tubing
like 3 times. it was fun. she rode back with us. so we took
her home.

after we got back from the lake i went home to ask mom if i
coulf go to brandons house and go swimming, but she wasn't
there so i called and she said i could so i went in and
changed into a swim suit then i went to brandons house.

when we got to brandons house it was lightening so we had
to wait before we could go swimming so we watched a tape of
brittany when she was little kid it was cute. then we ate
dinner, brandon's gradmother cooks good.

well it stopped lightening so we could go swimming but i
didn't feel like going swimming anymore so me and brondon
stayed in his room and watched tv. it was really nice and
sweet we were sitting in his bed flirting and then we were
holding hands and stuff, brondon is really sweet.

wed. night(before all of this) i was talking to brondon on
yahoo i.m. and i found out that he liked me and was
starting to like him too. so we know we like each other. i
am staring to like him more since last night.

well i leave for church camp today. YAY! and i still have
to pack so i better go.