My diary
2002-05-31 14:00:08 (UTC)

Friday morning as usual

friday morning is here. At last. My sister is going to be
gone ALL weekend. If I wasn't so god damn tired, I would
actually jump for joy. unfortunately, that is not the case.
Also, I have my last canoeing lesson today. Lovely, I
assume. Thank the good lord that the day will end with ice
cream. Thankfully. But I will still have to deal with all
the shit heads in my class.

Yesterday we did our band tour. Tried to untie Kat's
sarong. No luck, Jackson. She almost stabbed Alex however.
Oh, and the poor school we were at a has a piece of rotting
apple in it's gym. Goes well with the other decor, which
just so happens to be this stuff that looks like that
cheese that comes out of the spray bottle.

Oh, and to top things off, I was jumping on my trampoline
last night, with the sprinklers on. Blodied my little sis.
Then went back to jumping when the men who live across the
back alley came by. Wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't
been wearing a stupid white shirt and been soaked tot he
bone. I felt so nasty. it was SO wrong.

Well today the cult is comign over, we are going on a major
expedition tommorow. I'm so excited and i just can't hide
it! (that was supposed to be singing but I suppose now your
in pain!) L8er y'all!!