2002-05-31 06:33:40 (UTC)

stress = eat more food?

i'm such a pig! We went to 7-11 today to get some stuff to
eat while we watched harry potter. my friend's boyfriend
(also my evil ex's best friend) just happened to be there
at the same time (odd since he lives out of town) and i'm
guessing as some kind of consequence of that I felt
compelled to eat two mars bars, one of those smaller
pringles containers full of sour cream and onion chips, and
drink a slurpee. For me, this was a major binge. I am not a
big girl. I don't eat lots. It's very strange for me to
gorge myself. I admit that I'm not exactly the healthiest
creature on the planet and my diet certainly reflects
that... but this was a bit much. :P I don't know if it was
just cuz I was stressed about seeing him (I don't
particularly like him just by association and I guess the
fact that my boyfriend actually had him present when he
broke up with me makes me a little bit angry at him or
whatever... but anyways since he's my friend's boyfriend I
still have to be nice to him) at least he didn't end up
coming to my house to watch movies. I asked him to though,
just to be polite. He wouldn't come because we watched
Harry Potter and both he and my ex boyfriend think they're
like too cool for Harry Potter or something. :P whatever. i
wasn't exactly crying over it. I just stuffed my face the
entire time so I guess even if he did come it wouldn't have
made much difference, aside from probably having to listen
to various stories about Dan and what they've been doing
together lately. I don't figure that his best friend would
say anything at all incriminating about him in front of my
like some of his other friends have. It would be nice
though to find out what all he really did do. I can't
believe I never saw him for what he was. What's the point
of pretending to be someone else (someone NICE) for 3
months?? I don't get it. Whatever. At least I'm not still
going out with him. And really I don't want him back at
ALL. I want some kind of resolution (ie. me yelling at him
and him genuinely appologizing or feeling SORRY at least or
something) BUT I know that's not ever going to happen cuz
he really just couldn't care any less. So whatever. As
always, it's just me who gets to deal with the shit while
he moves onto his next victim.
I did that Job interview thing tonight and it was a waste of time
after all. Primerica is recruiting financial planners. i'm 19. i
don't HAVE finances, I don't think other people will trust me to
handle THEIRS. Ugh. So that was a waste of two hours. Another
interview tuesday morning, my 3rd with the dept. of hwys and
transportation. I sure hope the third time's the charm. I need a job.
I need money, and most importantly, I need something to DO!!!