Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
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2001-01-01 06:37:53 (UTC)

Well, jsut so that we can say..

Well, jsut so that we can say we brought in the new years
with a bang...*KKKAAABBBOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!* lol Uhoh there
went the cherry bomb & firecrackers. Hey, where's those in
the neighbors mailbox? How'd they get there? Nobody saw me.
I didn't do it. You can't prove I did it. I didn't do it.
lol! Well, I was playing pull yesterday & I've learned my
lesson, never ask a guy to take a picture of you b/c he'll
start snappin something you won't want framed! Well I
talked on the phone to Dwayne & Danny tonight for a bit, he
told me my offer still stands but I just turned him down
again. I can't go into the wrestling buisness! I mean I
would love to, but I just have too much to lose right now.
Oh well! Jude kept pushing our cat over the balcony b/c she
was walking along the edge, so he did it while I was there
& *phft* over he went, 3 seconds later *BAM* next thing I
hear is "OWWWWW! WHAT'D YA DO THAT FOR?" lol! Dumbass...
Concidering the obvious I've had a pretty good day.
Although I can't get drunk, can't get high, can't even take
my insolin without some1 checking for heroin (that was a
joke, you people know I don't do stuff THAT bad...) lol. I
hope you do anyway. Jody &hasn't left my side for 2 weeks,
ever since I woke up thinking I was 14 she hasn't left me
alone, it was only for 1 day & then when I woke up the next
morning I was fine, didn't even know what happened! & then
a few days ago I thought I was 3, ugh. lol Oh well! I'm
being bitched b/c I've lost about 10 more pounds now :o)
I'm 95lbs. Can you believe that? I'm boney! YUCK lol
Actually I'm not, I STILL look fat, I think I just shrunk
in height lol. Oh well! Either way I'm going to have to
gain some weight back :o) Well I better get going! I need
to get back to the party! I intend on keeping my new years
resolutions the best I can btw....
All my fuckin love,
~ ~
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