Alice Sycamore

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2002-05-31 04:52:38 (UTC)

Just another day in the park

Well, not really, but okay. Well I didn't tell you
yesterday what had happened with that guy, haha and maybe I
won't tell you now. I will just say that I talked to him,
which I haven't done in a long time, but he's actually a
really great guy to talk to. I just love doing that,
actually just talking to people, getting to know a different
side of them other than the same face that I see everyday.
And he's a pretty nice guy. So I guess we will see what
develops, sooo yeah. I did some writing today in my english
class, it was something that could go on this site, but I'm
too lazy to type it out, I already have two pages that I
HAVE to type tonight, so I'm gonna slack off as much as
possible while I still can! Well I think this is going to
just be a short entry, since I don't really have much to
report on, other than what I'm not going to tell you right
now! Tee Hee! Anyway, u