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2002-05-31 03:59:54 (UTC)

Im your passenger - deftones

Hey there everyone, damn i havent written in one of these
for a long ass time. i just have been so stressed out
lately. i mean people are stupid sometimes. If its not one
thing its another. well we all know of fernando im sure, if
anyone read my diary like a yr. ago jk, well everything
seems to go back to him. and i dont know why. he is a
really good person and is pretty easy to talk to. but i
mean it seems like everytime we like one another, we always
have something in our way. it has been like this for almost
2 yrs. now. and im sick of it. i just wanna move on ya
know, like im still in high school, i dont this. its just
pretty pathetic, and its sad that i know that and i dont do
anything about it.

well anyways then theres my cousin, who is drama queen of
the centry, and i cant stand it. its like she gets a thrill
out of seeing me suffer or something. i've just about had
it with her.

but the up side to things is that summer is almost here,
and i am absolutly going to enjoy every min of it. then in
about 2 yrs, or so when im out of highschool, im moving out
of here, cant wait!!!

well im sure u guys have better things to do then to listen
to me complain so buh bye!